British Airways flight canceled

Hundreds of travelers heading home for Christmas had their plans disrupted when the British Airways flight out of Grand Cayman was canceled Tuesday.

The airline cited “technical reasons” but declined to give a more detailed explanation.

Both legs of the flight, BA 0252 to the Bahamas, and from the Bahamas to London’s Heathrow Airport, were canceled. The Wednesday flight was scheduled to take place as normal as of press time Wednesday.

A British Airways spokesperson said the airline was in the process of re-booking passengers and had provided hotel accommodation to tourists affected by the delay.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience,” she said.

December is a busy time for airlines, with many Cayman Islands residents traveling home for the holidays.


  1. A quick internet search shows the aircraft was G-BNWY, a Boeing 767-300ER delivered to BA on 22 April 1996. This is the second time that this year particular aircraft has gone tech in Nassau, cancelling the Grand Cayman connection. The previous occasion was 29 March.

    These older 767s are apparently getting increasingly problematic and due for replacement with 787 Dreamliners. However, when I flew BA252/253 in October one of the crew told me that they still do not have any firm dates for the upgrade – the aircraft on that particular flight was 25 years old and looked it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see BA drop the connecting flights out of Nassau to both Grand Cayman and Providenciales in 2016 because neither of them make economic sense.

  2. Clare, right now I think BA are simply trying to price this route out of business but it is worth checking out American Airlines. They have currently got some very good return fares from the UK routing through Charlotte (CLT) and Miami. The timings are not brilliant (you need an overnight hotel outbound) but some of them are GBP300 lower than BA and based on my recent experiences the AA fleet is excellent.

    What I can never figure out is why CAL cannot cash in on this market by operating connecting flights with UK carriers through places like Kingston or Havana. They could also quite easily take over the BA connection to and from Nassau, and that’s pretty much guaranteed business.

  3. Well don’t worry the 767 is being cancelled from July 1st we have a 777 coming here, out of LHR no First listed for now. I bet it moves to Gatwick in time.

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