Spotts cruise terminal improvements planned

Improvements to Cayman’s secondary cruise ship terminal at Spotts Dock, including a new visitor center, are planned for January. 

Spotts is typically used on days when bad weather makes it unsafe for cruise ships to drop anchor in George Town harbor. 

The terminal on Shamrock Road will still likely be required, though less frequently, once new piers are built in George Town. 

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said the prospect of a permanent dock is still several years away and the upgrades at Spotts are needed in the medium term. 

Mr. Kirkconnell said, “We need to make it more convenient for passengers to come ashore when the cruise ships are not able to dock in George Town. 

“There will always be times during the year, even with piers, when George Town is not available.” 

The Port Authority invited tender bids for the work last week. The overall cost of the project has not been disclosed, but the tender advertisement indicates that contractors must demonstrate a proven track record on similar developments of more than $100,000 in value. 

Phase one of scheduled improvements, involving leveling and compacting the area to facilitate improvements, to ground transportation is already complete. 

The next phase, expected to commence in January and take six weeks to complete, will focus on improving the terminal building and restroom facilities. 

This will include the addition of a visitor center to “serve as a hub for the provision of information and assistance,” according to the Ministry of Tourism. 

New seating, landscaping and installation of CCTV are also planned. 

A cruise ship moors off Spotts Dock on Shamrock Road as tourists relax on the nearby beach.

A cruise ship moors off Spotts Dock on Shamrock Road as tourists relax on the nearby beach.


  1. The Spotts cruise terminal improvements plan. New seating, landscape, and CCTV. This would cause the taxpayers millions of dollars, to be used a few times for the year. What is the biggest expense in this plan? Why?

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