What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Each new year is considered a time for celebration, reflection and, of course, for making resolutions. On a recent morning, these George Towners shared their hopes and plans for 2016.


“I want to be a better person and work harder.” – Janet Mavarro. “Be a Christian person 100 percent and be happy with everyone.” – Kim Range. “Be happy with my family and finish my dream house.” – Mary Mavarro

“I want to sell more goods.” – Kiernan Barnes. “I want to help out more.” – Ethan Ebanks

“Get my own house and own business. Put more effort in my studies, and drop all negative thinking.” – Darcia Bennett

“To do more training, lose weight and spend more time with the family.” – Dr. Florence Enescot

“To become a better fisherman.” – Dr. Jan Pultr


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