Flag footballers remember coach

Jamal Young (Read-Only)
Jamal Young

The flag football community this week is mourning the death of player and coach Jamal Young.

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association issued the following statement:

“Jamal Young unfortunately passed away Tuesday, Jan. 19 2016, and as he was involved in a number of sports on island, we are all deeply saddened.

“Jamal’s involvement in Cayman Islands Flag Football Association began from the first days when games were played at the rugby pitch. He served multiple years on the committee with a stint as president.

“In addition to the local league, he was an assistant coach and player for the national team for multiple years. Jamal had a passion for coaching, kids and football, so it was no surprise … the involvement that he quickly took with the youth league. He was deeply involved from its inception as a committee member and coach.

“In Jamal’s world, that sometimes meant coaching two divisions the same year. It could be easily said that he was the ultimate motivator to the kids during warm up drills, as he was loud and the kids loved him. There’s many people that are involved in sports today, looking for what they are going to personally get out of it. However, Jamal was different.

“He did what he did for the love of the sport and those playing the sport, and got simple joy from watching others enjoy the sports he loved. That just a small sample of Jamal’s commitment to CIFFA over the years. The entire association would like to extend its deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May he Rest In Peace.”

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