Retired sub a popular site

Parked in front of East End’s Ocean Frontiers dive shop, a 22-foot-long yellow submarine has become somewhat of a district tourist attraction. The PC-1203 Perry Class sub could submerge up to 1,000 feet back in its working days. Steve Broadbelt, co-founder of Ocean Frontiers, rescued the 16,000-pound submersible before it was destined for the scrap metal shop. He gave her a good polish and new coat of yellow paint. Now most tourists just cannot resist stopping for a selfie while humming the old Beatles classic. – Photo: George Nowak


  1. Shame it wasn’t cost effective to repair it after Hurricane Ivan.

    I still have the video that we shot when going down on it some 800 ft. to the sunken Kirk.

    It was an incredible experience that will now never be repeated.

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