Library reopens, literacy week kicks off at school

It has been an eventful time for literacy at West Bay’s Sir John A. Cumber Primary School, with the official reopening of the school library on Tuesday, Jan. 19 and the commencement of the school’s literacy week taking place from Jan. 26 to 29.

The library re-opening was marked by a ceremony at the S. Kidd Memorial Hall, with the entire student body present to mark the occasion.

Speakers Permanent Secretary and Chief Officer for the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs Christen Suckoo, Deputy Opposition Leader Bernie Bush, and PTA President Vanda Powery were joined by the school choir at the ceremony.

Visitors and invited guests then had the chance to tour the library.

“We want to express our sincere appreciation to Brad Wilson from the Department of Education Services and Carol Peart from the Savannah Primary School for their assistance in the process,” said Sir John A. Cumber library resources coordinator Annette Vaughan.

While the library is not itself new, department literacy coach Giselle Elias explained the space had been re-imagined and new reading areas and books had been added to the collection.

“The library was not really being used,” she said. “Only years 4, 5, and 6 had any library time scheduled, and the lower years were not using it at all before.”

Now readers will be able to use the space not only during school hours but after school as well, and all years will be able to check out books.

Along with inviting decorations adorning the walls, a new cozy reading area has been outfitted with bean bags, boasting a collection of books catering to every age group. The shelves bursting with books overlook tables set up with games and activities aimed at building literacy.

Another set of tables boasts piles of more than 1,000 newly purchased books ready to be taken home by young readers, with the aim of making literacy a true family affair.

The literacy week activities are arranged around the themes of “Hats off to a good book,” “Be a STAR and read aloud,” “We SCORE with a good book,” and “Bananas for books,” all with relevant associated games, activities and projects catering to readers at all levels, including a classroom door decorating contest, story board competition, guest readers and a book swap.


  1. What is happening that the Bodden Town Public Library has gone cold. Children do not visit there any more and only one or two adults for the month.
    Mr./ Ms. Minister in charger of Libraries’ the Bodden Town representatives, Eden, Bodden, Suckoo and Panton please note we need you to show some interest and more focus need to be placed on the Bodden Town Public Library with a view of encouraging students to visit .

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