Carrying on a family tradition

The Travis family represents four generations and four decades of stay-over visitors. In 1972 Layton and Nancy Lyon from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, first stayed at the Galleon Beach Hotel. At the time, there were few hotels, taxi drivers and restaurants. The following year they brought their daughter Pam. Pam then married attorney Ron Travis and soon they were bringing along their daughters Kelli and Lee. As time went by, Kelli started to join her parents with her children Zack, Rory and Kenna.

The Lyons have since passed away, yet the beat goes on. For more than four decades the Travis family has missed only one year vacationing in the Cayman Islands – in 2005, the year after Ivan – staying up to two months at a time. Despite changes from rapid development since 1972, the family says they will always be in love with the Cayman Islands. From left, Kelli Travis Peters, Pam Travis, Rory Peters and Kenna Peters hit the beach.

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