HMS Mersey heads back to Cayman

The HMS Mersey will be in port in Cayman this week. – PHOTO: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE
The HMS Mersey had to reschedule its visit to Grand Cayman. – PHOTO: MINISTRY OF DEFENCE

The HMS Mersey will visit Grand Cayman next week after postponing its previously scheduled call last week because of bad weather.

The ship, one of the Royal Navy’s four River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels, is scheduled to be in Cayman Feb. 24-28.

During the visit, members of the ship’s company will conduct an exercise with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Marine Unit.

The Mersey will also host an evening reception and tours for local student groups. Several sailors will also take part in a community outreach project on shore.

The HMS Mersey is used for boarding operations and if required, humanitarian and disaster relief operations. The ship left the U.K. in early January and will be deployed on Atlantic Patrol Task (North) until July.

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