Visitor beaten, robbed in Seven Mile Beach area

A tourist who was visiting the Cayman Islands for the first time was attacked and robbed near an apartment complex in the Raleigh Quay area early Tuesday.

The 29-year-old man had been at Calico Jack’s bar until around 1 a.m. After leaving the bar, he walked along the road near the intersection of Raleigh Quay and the Esterley Tibbetts Highway where police said he was assailed.

According to reports received by the Cayman Compass, a vehicle pulled up alongside the victim and a man stepped from it wielding a knife. The victim tried to run but was caught and beaten by the suspect. He suffered a broken arm and injuries to his face.

A police report stated: “The passenger exited the vehicle armed with a knife, dressed all in black, with a black scarf covering his face. The passenger threatened and kicked the man about his body while demanding his wallet. The victim threw his wallet out of his pocket, which the [suspect] picked up.”

The male driver of the vehicle was not involved in the attack, the victim told police.

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The suspect took the victim’s wallet, which had about $60 inside, and got back into the vehicle, which then sped off.

No arrests had been reported in the attack as of press time Tuesday.

The victim, who is from Germany, was treated overnight at the Cayman Islands Hospital and released Tuesday morning.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the George Town Criminal Investigation Department at 949-4222 or the Miami-based call centre of Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. You’d think that by now most people know that walking down the street alone late at night is not safe even in Cayman these days. I do wonder why he was walking down that way at 1 Am in the morning, not saying it was his fault or that anything justified what happened to him.

    It may be time to consider warnings for visitors to Cayman regarding all this instead of putting Caymans Image of complete safety before the well being of those that visit it’s shores because I think a lot of people come here with a false sense of security do to all the safe harbor fantasies that are spread about Cayman. If this false image of complete safely is continued without properly warning visitors of the dangers things like this will only escalate since people will be caught off guard. If this young man had read a warning posted at the airport it’s a good chance he may have reconsidered taking that walk .

    Look at how the intensity of the violence in these attacks is escalating. People have been happy with the news that no one was hurt or no shots were fired so they’ve gotten complasent, but now we see old men in their 70’s getting punched in the face for a few dollars and mobile phone, people getting their arms broken during mugging on the street and brazen armed robberies at Camana Bay which boasted to be the safest place on the island. I think the problem is that the CIG and the RCIPS actually believe all this Safe Haven Crap because it’s not as dangerous as it is in a lot of other places to be a law officer.

    At this stage of the game it’s the RCIPS, the CIG as well as everyone else here that’s on the losing end of this. The bad guys are winning this fight..

    It’s time to take it up a notch before it’s to late. Cayman needs people in charge of public safety that would make people considering committing crimes think twice, Cayman need lions protecting it’s neck not sheep..

    • I can only assume he was walking that way because he was staying in/near Raleigh Quay and had been drinking at Calico Jacks. It’s pretty common for people to walk to and from bars and sure beats driving drunk. Walking from Calicos to the Quays is a short distance and taxis can both be hard to come by at 1 am Tuesday morning and would probably try to rip off a drunk foreigner.

      You run into a catch 22 situation by warning people of danger at the airport. The risk is still relatively low and yes you would like everyone to take precaution but you also don’t want to sound an alarm for the world to think Cayman is like Kingston or some other dangerous tourist city. There is still a reason people come here for the relative safety and security.

  2. Agree with Michael here. Just disgusting the way things have headed over the last few years.

    While we think we are low crime it just isn’t so when you take into account the small population.

    This visitor will go back to Germany and he won’t be telling a pretty story about his vacation in paradise.

  3. Same old story, different day. Tourists must be warned, by their hotels that one must not walk alone at 1:00 am. Common sense obviously does not always prevail. Also, they must leave their valuables in a safe. Hope the man will physically heal, although emotionally is another story.