Civil servants step up to challenge

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presents Ruel Huet with his trophy for winning the pedometer challenge.

Auditor Ruel Huet won the civil servants’ pedometer challenge, clocking in excess of 70,000 steps, the equivalent of around 35 miles a day.

Mr. Huet took a grand total of 1,423,130 steps, comparable to more than 700 miles of walking, in the 21-day challenge.

He said he had walked morning, noon and night to reach the staggering total.

“I grew up walking consistently in the Philippines and loved walking as a hobby. My approach is consistent. I walk in the morning before work, at lunch, after work. I also gain steps by doing things like parking further away, taking the stairs and moving around at home.

“I am well aware of how long and how far I must go to achieve a certain amounts of steps. It is really determination that fills the gap and makes it happen.”

Rounding out the leader board were Winston Sobers, Joseph Anderson, Daphine Watson and Marco Miranda.

Mr. Sobers works with Mr. Huet in the Auditor General’s Office. Mr. Huet said they both exercise regularly and inspired each other to go beyond their limits for the challenge.

The initiative aimed to promote health and fitness across the government sector, and focused on workers making positive changes in their health and wellness.

Workers used pedometers and were challenged to take 10,000 steps per day for 21 days, from Jan. 18 to Feb. 8.

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