50 years ago: Recent arrivals and a women’s event

Northside-50-years-finalIn the March 2, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, news from North Side included:

“Our North Side correspondent, Mrs. Nettie McCoy, has gone to Florida to spend a vacation with her brother Mr. Leslie Chisholm and his wife. We wish for her a happy holiday and welcome home her son Arlen who is on vacation from N.B.C.

“Arriving recently was Mr. Patrick Frederick on vacation from N.B.C.

“Leaving on 26th were Mr. Franklin Smith and Harvey Whittaker, to join the S.S. ‘Imperial St. Lawrence.’

“The Women’s World Day of Prayer was observed in this district on the 25th. The meeting was held in the Pilgrim Holiness Church with Mr. Basil Small as guest speaker.

“Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Ebanks left on Feb. 28 to attend the various functions in Jamaica in connection with the royal visit.

“The exhibits from this district took quite a number of prizes at the Agricultural Show held on George Town recently.

“Leaving recently were Mr. Randolph Ebanks and Mrs. Rhyworth Whittaker.

“Lovene Miller, Mr. Jemmy McCoy and Mrs. Christine Rankine all arrived on the 3rd.

“Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Ebanks arrived from Jamaica on Saturday.”

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