50 years ago: Plans for a new nursery school

George-Town-50-years-finalIn the March 9, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, news from George Town included:

“Mrs. W. Wilcox who is at present living in Jamaica is planning to come to Grand Cayman in April to reside, and start a nursery school for children from 3-5 years of age.

“Having bought one of Dr. Roy’s cottages opposite Sea View Lodge and three pieces of land in different parts of the island, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox expect to make their permanent home in the island.

“Mr. Wilcox is a chemical engineer and metallurgist and has several schemes in mind for development in the island and as he is a scuba diving enthusiast he feels that Cayman will be just the place for him.

“Your reporter visited Mrs. Wilcox while in Jamaica and chatted with her about her proposal to open a nursery school. Having been a health visitor in Britain, Mrs. Wilcox visited nursery schools almost daily and was extremely interested in this type of work. After resigning as a health visitor, she worked in a school for some time before going to Africa. In Ghana she started a private school of her own and this being a success she did the same in Jamaica.

“In addition to the usual play activities, if the children stay to 5 years, Mrs. Wilcox expects them to reach the stage of knowing and recognizing the complete alphabet, their numbers up to 20, be able to write their name and recognize the plus and minus signs. At the moment, her boys and girls are passed on to Miss Butler’s Private School in Kingston at 5 years.

“She has a lot of equipment which she proposes to bring with her and a very substantial and attractive enclosure is to be erected around the children’s play area which will be in her front garden.

“The community will look forward to welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox and many working mothers will no doubt welcome the introduction of a nursery school.”

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