Health City opens office in Canada

Health City Cayman Islands hopes to attract Canadians on surgical waiting lists to the Grand Cayman hospital for non-emergency procedures.

The East End hospital recently opened an office in Hamilton, Ontario, to work with doctors and patients in Ontario and Quebec to bring patients to the Cayman Islands instead of waiting there for such procedures as knee and hip replacements, cataract surgery and hysterectomies.

Health City opened a new office in Ontario to attract patients to Cayman for surgery.
Health City opened a new office in Ontario to attract patients to Cayman for surgery.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health, the average wait time for hip replacement surgery is almost 200 days from when a surgeon orders the operation for patients in and around Hamilton, Ontario. For a heart bypass operation, the Health Ministry website lists a 58-day wait time.

“In a perfect world, we would be able to meet the demands of Canadians needing surgery here in Canada in a timely manner,” Canadian anesthesiologist Cynthia Horner said in a press release from Health City.

“Given our current climate, this is becoming more difficult, and Canadians are choosing to look for other options. For those patients who choose to travel abroad for health services, Health City Cayman Islands is a great option,” Dr. Horner said.

Health City opened in 2014 with an aim toward breaking into the North American medical tourism market, giving patients in the United States a less expensive option for non-emergency surgeries and giving Canadians a way to get off the public health system wait list.

Dr. Chandy Abraham, CEO and head of medical services at Health City, said, “While we are known for our expertise in cardiac surgery, we also have outstanding surgeons in high need areas such as orthopedic and bariatric procedures.

“We have the capacity, the skills and the facilities to treat patients from Canada and around the globe,” he said.

The role of the Canadian office is to help patients who are considering going overseas for treatment. Health City staff in Ontario will coordinate between the patient, her or his physician in Canada, and doctors at Health City, according to a press release, The Ontario staff will also help with travel arrangements and, if necessary, translation services.

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