50 years ago: Mosquito research device spurs interest

NEW Bodden-50-years-logo-final-595x420In the April, 13, edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Haig Bodden wrote:

“The newest resident on Cumber Avenue in this district is a goat. Not the Village Ram, but a scientific ram used by Dr. Giglioli in his mosquito research program. This highly perfumed animal is the sole occupant of a new mobile home on the premises of Mr. Livingston Terry. The goat’s scent draws mosquitoes into the house which is merely a trap from which the insects cannot escape.

“Mr. Terry, the goat’s caretaker informs me that this very docile animal has adjusted himself to his surroundings, and seems to be aware of the important role he is playing.

“The mosquito research trap, as the goat’s house is technically known, has been used in one or two districts already, and after a few days will be shifted to another location.

“The research in Grand Cayman has already proved of great interest to the entomological world as it is understood one or two unidentified species of mosquitoes have been discovered here. It is also understood that more than 90% of the mosquitoes found here breed in the salt marshes, and have nothing more deadly than their aggravating stings. Of course, there are a few of the carriers of disease type, which incidentally breed in stagnant water around homes.

“This article is not intended to scare anybody but merely to show that the time is ripe to look into the mosquito problem.

“It is hoped that children will refrain from molesting the goat as he is one of the many factors involved in catching, classifying and perhaps even the eradication of the mosquito.

“Mr. Orman Whittaker and his daughter Winsome returned from Jamaica on Thursday. Mr. Whittaker, who sought medical aid in Jamaica for a minor ailment, is now much improved. Another case of Dr. Horter’s ‘You have to go overseas.’

“Mr. Whittaker is the owner and operator of a school bus and he is fast becoming famous for the delicious ice cream which he dispenses daily from ‘Whittaker’s Caravan.’”

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