Pray for Cayman

My fellow Caymanians:

I feel led by God this morning to remind us Caymanians that we have the greatest heritage of any people anywhere and it is time to wake up and recognize this privilege.

As a people we never knew much about money and the greatest of life so to speak but we never went hungry; we were a happy and blessed people. In our land there was confidence in each other and a man’s word was his bond.

We were a God-fearing people; we loved God and one another and there was unity and confidence in one another. Families went to church together and our homes were the most beautiful picture of love and unity.

I am 88 years old, I love my people and this land, but I am so concerned by what I see, and pray daily for this country and those that are responsible for running it.

Caymanians it’s time to get back on your knees, trust God and pray to him for guidance in our lives and our country.

John D. Jefferson

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