50 years ago: Government asked to step up services

NEW Bodden-50-years-logo-final-595x420In the April 27, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Haig Bodden wrote:

“For many years now the district of Bodden Town has been neglected by Government. It is hard to pinpoint any particular administration as being responsible. Since the days when Commissioner Cardinal opened up the little road which is our only link with the rest of the island, no special effort has been made to provide us with the everyday facilities which are enjoyed in George Town.

“The same taxes are levied directly or indirectly on the just as well as the unjust, so it is only fair that all should share in the amenities which accrue from these taxes.

“It is impossible in one short article to tell of all the injustices we have suffered, but I will endeavour to mention a few of the more pronounced ones.

“George Town and West Bay have enjoyed for many years a 24-hour supply of electricity, which is denied us. The power plant has been heavily subsidized by taxpayers money, our money.

“These fortunate people also enjoy streets paved from side to side. No one cares about the marl dust that blows on our house tops, contaminating the water supply.

“Daily collection of garbage is made possible in George Town only because of a truck bought with taxpayers money, our money …

“We once had a district constable and a policeman stationed in Bodden Town as a full-time officers. Luckily we are better behaved than our forbears, as today our money can only pay for the maintenance of a constabulary in George Town and West Bay …

“Only last week a committee of three persons was appointed to study the constitution of the Bodden Town parent teachers’s association. Why not appoint a committee to find out why the junior school, for children in the three eastern districts, has not yet been built in Bodden Town as was planned long ago? Why not find out why Bodden Town has no playfield for the children, instead of wasting time on the ramifications of a constitution which has served effectively and continuously for almost 20 years?

“And now the crowning touch – George Town will get house to house telephones. The workers who commute by the dozens daily to George Town will not be able to talk to their own homes. I am aware of the fact the Cable & Wireless is not Government. But where was Government when the contract was being awarded? Had they no part in shaping the destiny of the underprivileged?

“At nearly every meeting of the Legislative Assembly some board or committee is set up to go into something or other. Why not set up a committee to go into our long neglected state of affairs?

“What I have written about Bodden Town is equally true of North Side, East End and Cayman Brac.”

In the May 4, 1966 edition, Mr. Bodden wrote:

“On Saturday evening April 30 Miss Yvonne Kelly, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson Kelly of Pease Bay, was united in marriage to Mr. Jerrold Trusty of Honduras.

“On Saturday evening of last week Mr. George Hunter left the island for Jamaica. He has been sent by Cable & Wireless Ltd. to be trained as a telephone technician. While in Jamaica he will be attached to the Jamaica Telephone Co. On the completion of his training George will return to his work in Grand Cayman.

“This young man who is only 17 must be congratulated on his early choice of a career which is fully in keeping with our expanding economy. If George follows in the footsteps of his father and older brothers he must do well, as they are certainly among the greatest men in the island.”

In other news:

“Mrs. Ethelin Jackson of Savannah celebrated her 82nd birthday last week. In spite of the fact that Mrs. Jackson is unable to walk, she is cheerful and retains her good senses.”

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