50 years ago: Bodden Town’s first ever floor show

In the May 11, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Haig Bodden wrote:

NEW Bodden-50-years-logo-final-595x420“The first floor show ever presented in Bodden Town was staged at the Ocean View Theatre on Friday night May 6.

“The open-air Ocean View, overlooking the sea, as its name implies, has for many years been one of the few centres of entertainment in the district. History was only repeating itself when a large crowd turned out to participate in the social activities.

“The show was an extravaganza of great stars. Names that have become a household word in our little world of entertainment flashed across the stage. Among the famous were Sebastian, Diana General, Prince Al Bent, Trevor Rudey and Edward Solomon.

“The exotic fire dance by Diana General, the eccentric bottle dance, the pop songs, and the lively music of Ken Davis and the Kiemanaires contributed to give an effect of lasting memories. The unforgettable Trevor Rudey and our local Edward Solomon sang with a lustre that would be hard to equal anywhere.

“On Wed May 4 a committee appointed by the Board of Education inquired into the proposed new constitution of the Bodden Town Parent Teacher Association. This committee was headed by the Board’s special and most conciliatory administrator, the Hon. T.W. Farrington, C.B.E., J.P. MLA. The other members of the committee were Miss Beulah Smith, Mr. Ulric McNamee, Mr. Bertram Ebanks and Miss Janice Watler, the secretary.

“The Bodden Town Parent Teacher Association, founded about 20 years ago, is still functioning … It should be expected that the constitution would become antiquated and require certain amendments to fit our fast-paced evolution. However it was felt by a majority of the members that it would be better to draft a new constitution. As a result a new constitution which does not seem to meet with the approval of the Board of Education has been adopted …

“The investigating committee has submitted what was referred to as a model constitution. This model constitution is in some parts diametrically opposed to the new one. One gets the idea that each one must have been drafted to suit a different purpose.

“The investigation in parts reminded me of what I have read of communist hearings. I distinctly heard vehement cries of victimization, domination and other communist colloquialisms.

“It was brought to light … that the seat of the trouble is rooted in the Board’s apathy towards Bodden Town. Some parents feel that the resignation of Mr. Bonner, a former headmaster of the school, and the refusal of his application to be re-instated by the Board could not be in the interest of the children.

“Bodden Town, the hamlet that government forgot, has just been dealt another low card. Once money can be found for an ever increasing number of cocktail parties, should it be of significance that the school has no playfield, no suitable classrooms, no adequate water supply, and no one that cares about the unhappy children, in their state of primitive surroundings?

“The committee left with each member pledging his or her support on the Board of Education for Bodden Town in the future.”

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