Moms honored at Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church

The mothers of Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church

There was a large turnout at the annual Mother’s Day celebration at the Boatswain Bay Presbyterian Church.

Held on May 8, the event featured prizes for mothers in many categories, lighting up smiles all around.

“We had prizes for oldest and youngest mothers present, for mothers celebrating a birthday on Mother’s Day or during the week,” said church member Zeta Bodden.

“We also had prizes for mothers celebrating an anniversary on Mother’s Day or during the week,” she added.

“Also honored were mothers who attended church every Sunday for 2016, as well as for mothers who have three or more children that were all in attendance with their moms.”

All mothers were presented with a carnation, a “mom bookmark” and a photo collage of previous Mother’s Day celebrations at the church.

Following the morning service, everyone was treated to a beautifully decorated cake and treats.

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