Wanted: Volunteers for fake plane crash

An airport emergency exercise from a previous year. Volunteers are being sought to take part in the next exercise later this month. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority and Red Cross are seeking volunteers for a full-scale airport emergency exercise on May 25.

airport-exercise-(Read-Only)The exercise will be an opportunity for emergency first responders, Red Cross volunteers and Airports Authority staff to experience reacting to a simulated plane crash, said Denise Miller, disaster manager at the Red Cross.

“These exercises are extremely important,” she said, “because all the agencies are able to practice their skills in a simulated situation.

“You can always do things in theory, but theory doesn’t always necessarily help.

“It’s much better to go through a simulation as it helps work out any kinks that you might not have known were there when you’re just working in theory.”

She said this exercise is expected to be the largest of its kind in Cayman, with some 100 “victims” taking part.

Volunteers must be willing to wear special makeup and act as injured passengers during the exercise.

Ms. Miller explained that the use of makeup to portray serious injuries is useful for all involved.

“It makes it more realistic when, for example, you can see a bone coming out of an arm and all this blood … You get to see how people respond to that.”

Anyone interested can contact the Red Cross volunteer and resources manager at 949-6785, ext. 1; 925-2251; or email [email protected]

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