50 years ago: New home for popular Sunday School

In the June 1, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, West Bay correspondent Leila Yates wrote:

West-bay-50-years-final“Mrs. Harley Jackson has been holding Sunday School in her house for eight years to help the smaller children who could not come out to West Bay. Her school has grown to 65 on the roll.

“The Church with friends decided to put up a building for the purpose. In a short time, a nice little building 16 feet by 20 feet was erected. This was opened on Sunday, the doors being opened by Mr. Spurgeon Ebanks and Mr. T.W. Farrington. Prayer was offered by Rev. J.R. Gray, and Ephesians Chapter 2: 13-22 was read.

“A welcome and a statement was given by Mrs. Jackson and the prayer of dedication by Rev. J.A. Lord.

“An interesting item was rendered by the Sunday School and the sermon was preached by the Rev. George Hicks. Mrs. Jackson wishes to thank all who faithfully assisted her in every way.

“Mr. John Bothwell and Mr. Vernie Bernard returned from Jamaica on Sunday where they went to obtain cattle for improvement of the island’s livestock.

“They have secured Brahmans and Red Polls for meat and milk and report that 14 are being prepared for shipment by air on June 9. Nine of them will be coming to West Bay. Mr. Bothwell will own five, Mr. Prentice Powell two and Mr. Arthur Ebanks two.

“The Agricultural Society, although in its infancy, is helping us to see how we can in time support ourselves.

“It is often said West Bay is the last part of the island to have rain, but it was not the least when on Thursday, May 26, we had continuous rain for hours. When it was over, water was two feet deep in some places.

“Farmers are concerned that their underground crop may be destroyed. The roads were left in an awful condition, some places are washed out to the rocks, especially in inland areas. We had heavy rain again on Sunday.

“Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ebanks left on the 28th for U.S. to visit their children who live there. They will be going for a few months.

“Mr. Wordsworth Powery returned on the 22nd from Japan via Miami. He was hospitalized in Japan for 18 days for a throat condition, which is now very much better.

“Mrs. Bergman Ebanks and baby came from Jamaica on the 22nd. The baby was two and a half months under medical care in St. Joseph’s Hospital. The baby is quite well now.

“Mr. Arthur Jackson is here visiting his relatives after an absence of over 40 years. He made a short visit once in that time. His daughter is here with him. They live in Tampa, Florida and expect to return home on the June 2.”

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