Flowers Sea Swim donation to help add 1,000 people to bone marrow registry

Cayman Islands Cancer Society Operations Manager Jennifer Weber holds a check for US$75,000, with Frank Flowers, Dara Flowers Burke and Cancer Society chairwoman Betty Ann Duty.

The Flowers Group donated US$75,000 to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society on Thursday. The money was raised at the annual Flowers Sea Swim, held on June 11.

“This money means we can support the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry,’ said Jennifer Weber, operations manager at the Cancer Society. “With the money the Flowers family is giving us, we can save 1,000 lives, because it’s 1,000 people we can add to the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry.”

It costs $75 to add someone to the registry. Before Eve Flowers, wife of the sea swim’s founder Frank Flowers, passed away on April 20 after a year-long battle with cancer, she asked that all proceeds of the swim to go to the Caribbean Bone Marrow Registry.

“This cause was very important to us this year because we recently lost my wife to acute myeloid leukaemia because she could not find a 100 percent bone marrow donor match for a transplant,” Mr. Flowers said at the check presentation. “We want to make sure that never happens again. People from the Caribbean are grossly underrepresented in bone marrow registries around the world, so we wanted to change that.

“All this money will help to create that change, and help to create awareness.”

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