Response to Bovell article

Mr. Bovell, I just read this article (“PR fiasco could harm real estate environment,” Cayman Compass, July 27) and many thoughts ran through my mind but all were book-ended with “self serving!”

You are correct the country is in the midst of a crisis. We have 5,000 Caymanians employed in the financial industry that is under threat and could potentially tumble into free fall. We have to figure out what direction we want to take as a country. Our tourism industry employs a further 3,000 Caymanians; also we have to figure out how to meet our pension responsibilities in the years to come. These are but a few of our problems.

However, the issues faced by the real estate industry is not one of them. You see, Caymanians and those who have gained the right to call themselves Caymanians vote for a government who will serve their needs. This is not selfish, this is how it works everywhere in the world. However, you seem to think that the government we vote for is merely here to facilitate the expatriate transition into becoming Caymanian residents.

Let me be clear; I am not anti-foreigner. I am PRO-Caymanian. I will fight to make sure the focus remains on the wellbeing of Caymanians and not your wallet!

Furthermore, there are roughly 125 estate agents in Cayman, how many of them are Caymanian? Now don’t get me wrong, I will fight for those Caymanians who are in the industry, tooth and nail, but I don’t think that the 0.005 percent of the national workforce represents a national emergency!

But let’s just get back to the point. You are asking the people of Cayman to rally around your cause of selling more property, the best way for you to do that, in your opinion, is for the government to issue more PR? Why didn’t you ask for this government to deal with the PR stalemate so foreigners could open businesses and employ Caymanians?

Your concerns were limited to your profitability. You are hopeful that they might buy real estate from your company and you ask us how this affects us? Your message focused on your interests, not ours.

You have already lobbied to raise building levels on Cayman with the very short-term excuse of more jobs in construction, anyone will tell you that construction is only a short-term solution to employment concerns; this is why the PPM only builds roads close to elections! Those extra floors at projects like The WaterColours worked out great for you long term but the jobs for us are over.

Sorry, I digress, I’m just addressing all of those thoughts I initially had to your ridiculously self-serving article. How about we do this for you? Why don’t we ask the government to simply give status to any expat who buys real estate from you? Would that help you out?

I could go on but like many other Caymanians I’m busy trying to figure out what is best for the those who already call themselves Caymanian, not shopping for new clients for you and those that take a self-serving view of life in our country.

Mario Rankin