50 years ago: Caymanian Weekly celebrates first anniversary

George-Town-50-years-finalIn the Oct. 5, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor to the Cayman Compass, George Town news included:

“This week the Caymanian celebrates its first anniversary by thanking all who have supported us through the 12 months that have past since we brought out our first issue on the Oct. 6 1965.”

It was also reported that preparations were under way for a possible hurricane.

“Last Thursday, the yacht Pilgrim went aground whilst making for the North Sound to shelter from bad weather expected to be caused by hurricane Inez.

“Attempts to pull her off were made by Bob Soto on Friday without success but he managed it on a high tide on Sunday in the Cayman Pilot.

“Fortunately the Pilgrim was undamaged and she is now anchored in the North Sound.

“The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Cayman) Ltd. has recently been formed as a subsidiary of the Nassau Co.

“An office was opened in Selkirk Watler’s building on Monday last with Mr. J.A. Collins as local manager and Mr. Richard Evans as accountant …”
George Town correspondent Frances Bodden wrote:

“On the 29th Miss Zoe Bodden of LAC.S.A. left Kingston en route to Trinidad. Miss Bodden of very charming personality and an efficient worker, has been accepted by the Cayman Islands Corporation to be trained as an air traffic controller. She expects to be away for about nine months. While in Trinidad she will see her brother Mr. Churchill Bodden co-pilot of B.W.I.A. We wish for Zoe every success in her venture.

“Mr. V.L. Jackson, Director of Education left for Kingston en route to Britain. He was accompanied by his wife who will be spending a few days in Kingston before returning home. Mr. Jackson will be away in training for one year at Reading, about 36 miles from London. We wish for him continued success.

“Mr. T.E. McField headmaster of the Secondary Modern School also left for Jamaica on a three year study course at the U.C.W.I. to work for a B.A. degree. We wish him all the best ….”

“Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McNee McLaughlin of South Sound on the birth of their 3rd child and 2nd daughter – Ethel Elizabeth.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley Thompson Jr. now have a fine son born at the hospital on the 3rd.”