Attempted murder arrest; police concerned over nightclub violence

A George Town man was arrested early Monday in connection with an attempted murder on Sept. 17 in the car park of a Seven Mile Beach strip mall.

The Sept. 17 incident, previously unreported by police, involved shots being fired in the parking lot of the Seven Mile Shops complex around 3 a.m. Police clarified later that the incident was not reported to them until a number of days after it occurred. [*]

No one was injured in the attack.

Early Monday, a police raid in Prospect led to the suspect’s arrest in connection with the Sept. 17 shooting. The 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

The Sept. 17 incident was the first of two shootings within two weeks in the vicinity of the mall. The latest involved the killing of Justin Manderson, 24, early Saturday.

Police declined to comment Monday on whether the early morning arrest had any connection to the Manderson homicide.

In a statement released about a number of crimes committed over the past weekend, Acting Police Commissioner Anthony Ennis focused in part on recent spates of violence outside local nightclubs.

The Seven Mile Shops complex along West Bay Road houses one late-hours nightclub, Nectar, which has often been called before the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman to explain various violent incidents that have occurred there.

“Some nightclubs do a good job discouraging these activities and excluding known persons of ill-repute from their premises, which they have a legal right and duty to do,” Mr. Ennis said Monday. “Others, however, have not shown any interest in curbing these activities, while their premises continue to present a growing threat to public safety and their patrons, especially along the island’s tourist corridor.”

Mr. Ennis said police would increase their visibility and presence in and around such premises, adding, “We will also be engaging the relevant licensing authorities, including the fire service, to ensure that these premises are not in violation of any statutory code. If they are operating a business that presents a danger to the public, appropriate actions should be taken.”

“We cannot sacrifice valuable resources to police these premises at the expense of the greater community,” he said.


[*} Editor’s note: Sentence added for clarity.