Foster’s Year of Giving raises more than $100,000 to date

Ten months into the “Year of Giving,” Foster’s Food Fair IGA customers have given more than $105,000 to local charities by donating their change, or any amount, at the register.

The company launched its charity year to mark its 35th anniversary.

According to a company press release, the Year of Giving focuses on giving back to the community by highlighting one charity a month that serves Cayman, among other things.

The statement from the company added, “With only two months to go, we are humbled by what the Year of Giving has become – a vehicle for charities to share who they are and how they function.

“Raising money for charities is important, but awareness is what we strive for. Without awareness, the charity could not grow and create a better, more unified Cayman.”

Recycling has also been highlighted this year, with the company distributing more than 2,000 recycling bins to homes and schools.

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