A fresh look signals a new era at Wyndham Reef resort

Sharlene Brenkus with the front desk, concierge and restaurant staff in the lobby.

East End’s Wyndham Reef resort now has a fresh look thanks to some extensive renovations.

“This is the second wave of renovations now, as last year we did quite a bit of structural renovations and we are now just about finished on the next phase, which was more focused on design,” explained the resort’s general manager Sharlene Brenkus.

“For instance, we completely redesigned the reception area, giving it a more contemporary look.”

Ms. Brenkus said the redesign has gone hand-in-hand with the resort taking on the Wyndham brand about two years ago.

“In the lobby, we now have better flow through from the front to the back, which is where the guests gravitate to for the beautiful view,” said Ms. Brenkus.

“This year, all the interior design was completed, we have new furniture, a new concierge desk, and overall easier cleaner flow, with the focus on bringing a superior guest experience.”

Ms. Brenkus, who joined the Wyndham Reef in April, also highlighted the changes to the resort’s restaurant and bar area.

“Upstairs, we have renovated our signature restaurant, which is now renamed Tides, and have extended the inside bar all the way out,” she said.

The wine wall at Tides restaurant
The wine wall at Tides restaurant

“We wanted to give a fresh new look to the upstairs, and we have a new menu that’s unique to Tides and Tides Bar. We also offer something special for the eastern districts, in that we are now open until midnight, whereas most restaurants in the district close at 10 or 11 p.m.” With just outstanding touch-ups remaining on the renovations to-do list, the restaurant and bar are open for business, she said.

With a wide assortment of tapas now available from 5 to 10 p.m. daily, Ms. Brenkus said one particular new menu offering is already creating a stir.

“We have a Parmesan flambé, a dish you might see in Rome or other parts of Italy, where we toss freshly cooked pasta inside a flambéed wheel of Parmesan, then add selected toppings to create a truly unique pasta dish.”

Ms. Brenkus says the resort has experienced a “very healthy” year so far, with preparations ramping up for the official start of high season on Dec. 20, and running through till Easter.

“We have had a pretty substantial year this year, in terms of growth. Business has definitely been busy at the Wyndham Reef.”

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