50 years ago: Families welcome relatives for winter visits

In the Nov. 9, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, George Town correspondent Frances Bodden wrote:

“We welcome Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Watler of Miami who have come to spend the winter in the family home at Breezy Castle (Sound Land). We trust that Mr. Watler’s health will improve while out here. They arrived on the 3rd.

“We also welcome Miss Ruth McTaggart of Mobile who has come to spend a few weeks with her uncle Dr. R. E. McTaggart and Aunt Amy. Dr. Roy’s other nieces of Mobile are expected in December.

“Master Alfred Thompson spent the weekend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Thompson of South Sound.

“Mr. Peter Milburn returned on the 6th to Jamaica for medical treatment. It is hoped it is not too serious and we wish him a speedy recovery.

“The late October rains are now falling into early November and we have had our first North Wester, which really could have been termed a N.W. Gale, so no doubt we can look forward to many North Westers this season.

“Mr. Tim Thompson returned after a brief visit to Miami. He will continue building operations on his house at Half Way Pond.

“Father Jurewich spent the weekend in Cayman. Dr. Giglioli has returned after his business trip. Mrs. Parrish spent the weekend in Jamaica on business.

“We are happy to have Col. and Mrs. Tenney on their usual visit to the island.

“Mr. F. O. Panton, I.S.O., M.B.E., J.P. left on the 6th for San Juan, Puerto Rico via Jamaica in connection with a Rotary meeting. From Kingston he will be accompanied by his old friend and schoolmate Mr. Paul Geddes.

“Mr. R. Crawford, cabinet maker, left on a business trip to Jamaica on the 6th.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rayal Bodden returned after a wonderful trip.”

“Mrs. Kay Clyatt and son, Mrs. Rebe Henderson and Dianne Arch of Miami arrived on the 6th.

“Enid Bodden and daughter Connie left for Jamaica on the 6th. Connie was in a recent accident and has going for a nose operation. Mrs. A.C. Panton and Fay have gone to Jamaica and expect to be away for some time. Mr. Wentworth Bodden, the postmaster, left on an excursion trip to Jamaica.

“Mr. Nigel Ince spent the weekend in Cayman and left on the 6th, also Mrs. Rennie, Rev. F. Sarjeant and Mr. W. Priestnal.

“It is with much pleasure we announce the engagement of Miss Beverly I. Panton, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.O. Panton of Crewe Heights, to Mr. Henry Tusk (Hank) of New Jersey.

“The wedding of Miss Lucinda Hatch, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hatch of the Beach Club Colony, and Mr. Neil Cruickshank of the Royal Bank of Canada was solemnized at the Elmslie Memorial Church at 5 p.m. on Saturday, the 5th. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. George Hicks. The Church was tastefully decorated by Mrs. Valda Bodden. A reception was held afterward at the Beach Club. The happy pair were the recipients of many useful gifts. The couple left on the 6th on their honeymoon to Scotland and other places via Jamaica.”

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