Registering to vote in the Cayman Islands cannot be done online for the May 24, 2017 general election. Registration must be done in person at either the Elections Office on Smith Road in George Town or with the registering officer in the district where the voter resides.

All registrations for the upcoming election must be done by Dec. 31, 2016.

The documents (original copies) that the voter must supply to the Elections Office or registering officer differ slightly depending on whether the registrant is a Caymanian status holder or a “born Caymanian.”

In addition to completing the voter registration form (form No. 4), a Caymanian status holder must submit: a birth certificate; a Caymanian status letter; and a photo ID (passport or driver’s license).

In addition to the form, a Caymanian-born resident who has Caymanian parents or grandparents must submit: a birth certificate; the birth certificate of one of his or her parents or grandparents who were born in Cayman; and a photo ID.

The names and contact numbers for the district registering officers are: Bethany Powery-Ebanks (West Bay) 516-4402; Kathryn Myles (George Town) 516-2117; Kerry Nixon (Bodden Town) 516-4478; Leisa Welcome (East End) 516-4647; Patricia Ebanks (North Side) 516-4349; and Ellen Lazzari (Sister Islands) 516-5307.

Who can vote?

Any Caymanian can vote once they are properly registered, as long as they have attained Caymanian status and have reached age 18, or will be 18 by the date of the election.

Voters need only register once in their lives, but they must be resident in Cayman at the “voter registration date.”

Voters may not vote if they have not been resident in Cayman for at least two of the four years immediately preceding the “voter registration date.” That refers to the registration date every three months, after which an updated voters list is published by the Elections Office, not to the date the voter initially registered.

For example, if a voter had left the Cayman Islands in October 2014 and returned in December 2016, they would not be able to vote in May 2017 since they were absent for more than two of the four years before the final registration date for the election, which is Dec. 31.


Voters can be disqualified if:

  • They are serving a prison sentence longer than 12 months, whether in the Cayman Islands or elsewhere, as long as the criminal conduct would be prohibited under Cayman Islands law as well. A prison sentence served as an alternative to a default or payment on a fine is not counted as a disqualifying factor.
  • The person is certified to be insane or of unsound mind under any Caymanian law.
  • The person has committed an offense connected to elections.

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