‘Stealing’ or ‘sharing’?

There seems to have been a recent upsurge in fruit stealing from private gardens.

One friend was waiting for her mangoes to ripen, only to find the tree was stripped bare one morning. Another good friend had every avocado stolen from their tree.

Yet another caught some young person in the act, up the ladder that he had bought with him on the roof of his car, stealing their coconuts. He had a car full of coconuts that I assume he was planning to sell.

She chased him off and called him a thief. He replied, “I’m not stealing them ma’am. I’m sharing them.”

A new meaning of the sharing economy I suppose.

Pretty sad that one can’t even grow a little fruit in your own garden without them being stolen.

But how do you stop them?

Norman Linton


  1. I have to add that this is not just someone walking past a tree full of ripe mangoes who takes one or two home. Wrong though that is.

    This is the completely stripping of a tree of everything for certain resale.

    Perhaps the police should be asking street-side vendors where they got their product. And supermarkets offered “local fruit” should do the same.

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