50 years ago: PTA meetings go well; Christmas excitement builds

The Dec. 21, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, featured a special Cayman Brac Christmas supplement in which Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“Last week was PTA week. At Spot Bay, head teacher H.M. Morris and the meeting, having been planning through the year for the prize giving, acknowledged with gratitude contributions from individuals and firms. From Grand Cayman they received donations from H.O. Merren and Co. Ltd., Seaview Lodge Hotel, Air Jamaica c/o BWIA, Mr. Isaac Tatum, Mr. H. McCoy, British American Insurance Co. Ltd. and the Caymanian Weekly.

“They also thank Mr. and Mrs. Hugh of Ocean View Guest House, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

“The West End meeting was full and enjoyable and discussed improvements to the school, i.e., sanitary conveniences as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

“At the Creek, the teachers were very appreciative of the better attendance and cooperation of parents. Business was preparation of the school programme on the 13th and it was agreed that there should be school year prize awards.

“The stork: Mr. and Mrs. Hendenburgh Dixon of Spot Bay received a daughter (8 pounds) on the 2nd at Nurse Petrona Bodden’s house.

“Welcome home! Happy to have you with us once more for the winter, Mrs. Lovie T. Arnold of West End.

“Greetings to Mrs. Elethea Solomon of New York, home to visit family and friends, especially the parents and brother for whom she cares, Mr. and Mrs. Theophilius Dilbert and Mr. Gladstone Dilbert of Watering Place.

“Happy to be home with the family, Mrs. Audry, Terry and Shelly, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ryan of Stake Bay is Mr. Alfred Ryan of Port Arthur, Texas. Mr. Ryan sails on the Texaco Massachusetts, and is one who survived the collision of this ship with the Alva Cape in New York harbour in June this year. He is enthused at the possibility of a hospital on the island.

“Mrs. Hewitt McLean (Dolly) of Brooklyn, New York, was guest for a week ending Dec. 4 with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Arlen Reid and family of the Bight. The McLeans emigrated as a family three years ago. Accompanying her mother was 22-month-old Dawn, who thoroughly enjoyed Cayman Brac’s out-of-doors.

“We asked news of the others. Diane’s teacher describes her as a ‘delight in class.’ Duritt is in his last year of Junior High and is a keen student of ceramics and Morse code. Daphine is in her pre-college year and had the distinction of being chosen as her school’s representative to college achievement week at Minnesota College, Minnesota, a workshop attended by students from across the nation. Dad, ‘Jim Jim’ is in painting and designing, an employee of Stan Art.

“Many happy returns of the day to Capt. Bertie Foster. A small gathering honored him on his 76th birthday at the Buccaneer’s Inn on the 5th.

“Souvenirs of Little Cayman can be had at ‘Elsie’s Gift Shop’ in the home of Miss Ella Scott.

“On Tuesday morning, the 6th, seven refugees sailed into the Channel at 11:30. There were five men and two women. They said they left on the 3rd from Camaguey province, Cuba.

Ships at the Creek

“At dawn, Friday 9th, the Motor Vessel Kirksons called in at the Creek. Capt. Dillon Kirkconnell disembarked for ‘Kirk Kicks,’ Little Cayman, and the 2nd engineer Erlington Dilbert for the Christmas vacation with his family at the Creek.

“Making a courtesy call here early afternoon was the ship Alcyon, registered at Yokosoka, Japan of 36.95 net tonnage. Master, Mr. Yoshio Kishaba. A fishing-vessel with the most modern equipment, she was built in a Japanese dockyard and has been one month out.

“She is operating under a United Nations Fisheries Scheme for experimenting and training fishermen in the West Indies in modern techniques and equipment. Stationed in the Western Caribbean, she arrived in Jamaica a few days ago. We have a little pride in that her chief officer is Mr. Lincoln C. Brown of Watering Place.

“The Motor Vessel Baretia spent two days here en route Curacao to La Ceiba, Honduras. She took on Chief Mate Irving Ritch of Spot Bay and left chief engineer C.I. Brown of the Bight to rejoin the Kirk Pride. Her Master, Captain Charles C. Connor, is a native of Spot Bay. The Baretia numbers this her 13th consecutive year of transporting live cattle to the Netherland Antilles.”


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