Family of missing woman asks for closure

January will be sixth anniversary of Anna Evans’s disappearance

Almost six years after Anna Evans disappeared, leaving five children and many questions, the family is asking for help to get closure and declare the missing landfill worker deceased.

Ms. Evans, who was 37 at the time, went missing Jan. 27, 2011. Police and volunteers, including a K-9 search unit from Florida, scoured the landfill where she was last seen. In the years since, the case went cold and no trace of her has been found.

Noreen Dixon, Ms. Evans’s sister who cares for her youngest children, said in an interview this week, “We need to have closure.”

She said her sister’s youngest child, 13, asks almost daily, “‘What do you think happened to my mom?’ I don’t know whether to cry or hug him.”

“He needs closure,” Ms. Dixon said. “Our hearts are already broken into a million pieces. We need closure.”

She approached the Cayman Compass this week asking for help to find an attorney to make an application to have Ms. Evans declared dead.

Police and staff at the General Registry said it takes seven years for a missing person to be declared dead. United Kingdom law gives the seven-year mark for declaring a person dead, but also gives provisions for family to apply to a court to have an individual declared dead earlier than that.

Ms. Dixon said she is looking for a law firm willing to donate time to the family to apply for Ms. Evans to be declared dead.

Ms. Evans’s children are now aged between 13 and 24. Ms. Dixon said her sister’s children need closure to be able to move on and to settle their mother’s estate.



  1. I think that this is a crying shame and disgraceful , after all these years Ms. Evans children and family do not have closure of cause of her death .

    As I understand that Ms. Evans was at work at the dump, and that was the last time she was seen. How many employees were at work/ job that day ?
    Has everyone on the job that day been questioned /interagated by a forensic investigator ? How can anyone live with them self , knowing what happened to Ms. Evans ? Knowing that her children don’t know what and where their mother has gone .
    I wonder how they would feel if this was their mother?

  2. This is a very sad case, but the law is very clear. Unless there is some evidence beyond her absence to suggest that she has died, she will not be declared dead until 7 years have passed.

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