West Bay halfway house gets $10K from government

Ministers Osbourne Bodden and Tara Rivers hand over a check to Hope for Today board member Christopher Burke.

Government has given $10,000 to the Hope for Today Foundation halfway house in West Bay for recovering drug addicts.

The rehabilitation residence can house and treat up to 10 men. Eight residents referred by the Drug Rehabilitation Court and other entities are currently based there.

The money will go toward rent, utilities and gasoline, and to pay staff who run the home’s six-to-eight month program, according to Hope for Today’s operations manager Brent Hydes.

Mr. Hydes said that over the past 18 months, 26 men have passed through the facility’s doors. “Of those, 16 have completed the program and not returned to substance abuse,” he said.

Mr. Hydes said the facility depends heavily on donations and support from other agencies and the private sector.

“We offer a much-needed solution to the problem of recidivism,” he said, adding that the program “pays for itself in terms of the reduction in crime in the country.”

To learn more about Hope For Today, visit www.caymanhopefoundation.com.


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