Bush, McKeeva

Name: McKeeva Bush

District: West Bay West

Affiliation: Cayman Democratic Party



Cayman Democratic Party chair resigns

The long-time chairwoman of the Cayman Islands Democratic Party resigned Monday, citing “personal reasons.”

Current government was ‘nuclear option’ for Cayman Democratic Party

Documents purporting to draw up a legal agreement for the formation of a coalition government in Cayman following the May 2017 general election surfaced last week, indicating that Cayman Democratic Party officials viewed the current Progressives-led National Unity Government as “the nuclear option” at the time discussions were taking place.

Residents invited to attend Remembrance Sunday events

The annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony will be held at the Cenotaph outside Elmslie Memorial Church in George Town on Sunday, Nov. 12.

Speaker questions PAC role

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush noted a “concern” Wednesday that the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee had overstepped its role in recent months, wading into areas such as employment within the government service.

EDITORIAL – Speech in the Assembly: Curbing bullying, bluster and ‘blah, blah, blah’

When he called for restraining defamatory, irrelevant and erroneous speech uttered on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush was 100 percent correct – in half of what he said.

Speaker warns MLAs, media about ‘abuses’

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush put Legislative Assembly members and the local media on notice Wednesday that he intended to adopt a strict interpretation of rules for parliamentary procedure and privilege during the current government’s term.