Bush, McKeeva

Name: McKeeva Bush

District: West Bay West

Affiliation: Cayman Democratic Party



Barefoot Man – ‘Ballad of Mac and Alden’

Cayman's troubadour Barefoot Man unveils his latest election-inspired single, "Ballad of Mac and Alden."

Premier McLaughlin to lead 13-member coalition government

A coalition of 13 elected members of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly was sworn in Wednesday in downtown George Town, bringing an end to the political scramble that followed the territory’s May 24 general election.

Bush makes first speech as new Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush finds himself serving in the same position he and his then-colleagues created 30 years ago.

EDITORIAL – Press freedom: Taking a stand, not a ‘pass’

Any attempt by government bureaucrats to regulate, influence or in any way interfere with our lawful news-gathering mission will be met with polite, but firm, rejection.

CDP statement on new government

The Cayman Democratic Party has joined with the Progressives and a selected number of independents to form a government of national unity.

UPDATED: Few surprises as government sworn in

A 13-member government was sworn in by Cayman Islands Governor Helen Kilpatrick Wednesday morning in a Legislative Assembly ceremony.