McLaughlin, Alden

Name: Alden McLaughlin

District: Red Bay

Affiliation: Progressives



Premier: Cayman ‘will not be bullied’

Premier Alden McLaughlin has criticized the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) as being “disingenuous” in regard to the Cayman Islands’ cooperation with British law enforcement, in a statement issued Monday afternoon.

Full statement from Premier Alden McLaughlin

It is correct that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Cayman Islands Government continue to have a difference of opinion on parts of the agreement termed the ‘Exchange of Notes’, but it is disingenuous for the FCO to say that the Cayman Islands is not cooperating with the UK with regards to investigating serious crimes.

Civil service pay increase: Bigger paychecks, no healthcare costs

Cayman’s civil servants have welcomed the news that they will be receiving larger paychecks next month after Premier Alden McLaughlin announced a 5 percent pay increase backdated to July 1.
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EDITORIAL – An easy call: Deal directly with the media

Decades ago, the editor in chief of “D” (Dallas) Magazine, who now holds the same title at the Compass (talk about a career stall), answered the phone at his desk. He regretted it immediately.

Government revising labor bill

Government will seek to revisit the controversial Labour Relations Bill within the next year, Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed Thursday.

Duty-free allowance to rise to $500

Returning from a trip abroad and clearing customs has not only become quicker after the scrapping of customs forms for passengers who have nothing to declare; it will also become cheaper following an increase of the personal duty allowance from $350 to $500 per person.