McLaughlin, Alden

Name: Alden McLaughlin

District: George Town

Affiliation: Progressives



Permanent residence: Lives in limbo

A delay of more than three years in processing permanent residence applications has left more than 900 people, plus an unknown number of their dependents, in limbo.

Premier meets with students, ex-governors in London

From left, Minister Wayne Panton, former Governor John Owen, Premier Alden McLaughlin and former Governor Bruce Dinwiddy attend the London office reception Tuesday night. Premier Alden McLaughlin hosted the reception, which included former Cayman Islands governors John Owen and Bruce Dinwiddy.

Premier: UK must ‘moderate’ Brexit impact on territories

The U.K. government must do its best to back financial services industries in its overseas territories, both before and after Brexit talks with the European Union, Premier Alden McLaughlin said Tuesday.

‘Deepening relationship’ between China, Cayman Islands cited

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin met with Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom Liu Xiaoming Monday at the Chinese Embassy in London to discuss a “deepening relationship” between China and the British Overseas Territories.

EDITORIAL – The immigration announcement that did not happen

As we have stated previously, we believe that the permanent residence issue is a human rights issue and a good governance issue with embarrassing international implications, not to mention considerable financial exposure, for these islands.

Chief justice: ‘Ritch Report’ must remain confidential

Efforts to produce a public copy of a $312,000 immigration consultancy report were halted this week by a decision from Cayman Chief Justice Anthony Smellie. The consultancy review examined various aspects of the Cayman Islands system of granting residency rights to non-Caymanians.