McLaughlin, Alden

Name: Alden McLaughlin

District: Red Bay

Affiliation: Progressives



Thousands receive ‘right to be Caymanian’ since 2009

More than 3,700 people have received grants of Caymanian status via either the naturalization (citizenship) process or through marriage to a Caymanian since January 2009, according to records presented to the Legislative Assembly by Premier Alden McLaughlin last week.

Legislative Assembly wraps up with committee appointment, private motions

Before adjourning on Thursday, Legislative Assembly members appointed an oversight committee for the Ombudsman Office.

Thriving Cayman represents EU’s worst nightmare

There comes a point in every failed negotiation where the words used should indicate that there is no possibility whatsoever of reaching an agreement with the negotiating party. In the present case, this is because the negotiating party, here the European Union, has no intention whatsoever of doing so.

Legislative Assembly grants Caymanian status to 3 residents

Three longtime residents received Caymanian status on Thursday after the Legislative Assembly ratified the Cabinet grants.

Premier: ‘We cannot make unreasonable concessions’ to EU

Premier Alden McLaughlin confided he had experienced “sleepless nights” in preparing for his Legislative Assembly speech Wednesday in which he indicated Cayman’s leadership was at wit’s end trying to comply with all directives, tax exchange agreements and information-sharing requirements promulgated by the EU and Britain.

Premier: Businesses’ use of temporary work permits ‘not objectionable’

A long-established, although perhaps unspoken practice, of Cayman businesses which employ foreign workers that allows the companies to “test out” employees before bringing them in on full work permits has been green-lighted by Premier Alden McLaughlin.