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Progressives admit being ‘blindsided’ by PACT

Former Premier Alden McLaughlin, speaking at a press conference at which the Progressives announced the make-up of its shadow Cabinet today (13 May), said his party had "blindsided" by independents who joined the PACT government after apparently giving undertakings to form an alliance government with the Progressives.

Election trends: Progressives ‘may have an edge’

With the 14 April general election now mere days away, keen political observers like Livingston Smith are taking the public’s pulse on who may likely lead the next government.

Alva Suckoo formally joins Progressives alliance

Independent candidate Alva Suckoo has joined the Progressives alliance team, bringing to 12 the number of nominees running as part of the group in the 14 April general election.

McLaughlin announces 11 alliance candidates

Premier Alden McLaughlin on Thursday night announced the official line-up of the alliance that is running with the Progressives party in the 14 April general election.

McTaggart welcomes premier’s endorsement

Finance Minister and George Town East MLA Roy McTaggart has said he was taken by surprise when Premier Alden McLaughlin announced this week that he was endorsing him as the next leader of the Progressives party.

Panton, Bodden ditch Progressives

Former PPM ministers Wayne Panton and Osbourne Bodden have resigned from the People’s Progressive Party.

MLA Austin Harris: I have not joined Progressives

Prospect MLA Austin Harris said Monday that he has not joined the Progressives political party, despite taking up the position as that party’s “whip” in Cayman’s government of national unity.

2017 editorials: The Compass’s voice on significant issues

Today we feature highlights from some of what we consider to be the most compelling and important editorials that appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2017, dealing with some of the most pressing matters facing our country.

Election puts Progressives back in power

May 24, 2017 might have been Cayman’s “independents’ day,” but by May 29 a group of independent candidates – with a couple of exceptions – found themselves on the outside looking in at a second term for Premier Alden McLaughlin and his Progressives-led coalition.

Man charged in ruckus outside May political event

Half a dozen traffic offenses have been levied against a driver who witnesses said attempted to disrupt a Progressives party political event in early May.

Constitutional Commission renews call for Advisory District Councils

Cayman’s three-member Constitutional Commission on Thursday called for creation of Advisory District Councils as part of efforts marking the annual “Day of Democracy” on Sept. 15.

Ministers’ plan splits law enforcement roles

The Progressives-led coalition government has divided responsibilities for law enforcement agencies among government ministries, one led by the premier and the other by Minister Tara Rivers.

NEW: Ministry assignments announced

The new ministerial assignments have been announced.

Premier McLaughlin to lead 13-member coalition government

A coalition of 13 elected members of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly was sworn in Wednesday in downtown George Town, bringing an end to the political scramble that followed the territory’s May 24 general election.

Rebuffed by Progressives, Bryan vows to hold government accountable

Kenneth Bryan has vowed to be a vocal member of the opposition after his offer to be part of the government was rebuffed by the Progressives leadership.

Independent legislators look to join new ‘unity’ government

The Cayman Islands new coalition government will have at least 13 members, possibly as many as 15, by the time it is sworn in Wednesday morning.

EDITORIAL – One Man, One Vote: Cayman’s stormy political seas

You could call it chaos, confusion and turmoil. We call it "Cayman Islands democracy in action."

BREAKING: PPM-CDP coalition forms … again

It’s Premier Alden McLaughlin and Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush … again.

EARLIER: Elected members struggle to form new gov’t and name premier

Discussions over the future of the government remained mired in uncertainty Sunday afternoon following a weekend in which Alden McLaughlin and then McKeeva Bush declared themselves premier, only for the deals to fall apart.

Bush strikes deal with independents to become premier

McKeeva Bush is set to become premier of the Cayman Islands, striking a deal with a group of independents, and reversing an announcement made hours earlier with the Progressives.

Election over, scramble for gov’t begins

The Cayman Islands voters have had their say. Now it’s time for the 19 people they elected to decide who will run the government for the next four years.

Mixed reviews for first run of ‘one man, one vote’ system

As voters made their way to the polls Wednesday, candidates expressed mixed feelings about the new “one man, one vote” electoral system.

EDITORIAL – One Man, One Vote: Lessons learned from the election

Instead of making Cayman’s districts smaller, more numerous and more inward-facing, officials should have done the opposite: Make the entirety of the Cayman Islands one single district, and allow residents to vote on the same slate of candidates.

Independents’ day: Coalition government looms

A disparate group of independent candidates triumphed in Wednesday’s general election, but they did not manage to win a 10-seat majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Upset losses oust three sitting ministers

An eventful Election Day in Cayman yielded three surprising losses for reigning incumbents and ministers in the former administration.

Candidates make last bid for votes

At least three rival rallies will take place across Grand Cayman Tuesday night as the independent candidates, the Cayman Democratic Party and the Progressives make their final pitch to voters before the midnight deadline for all campaigning to stop.
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Criminal damage complaint made after motorcade

Police are investigating a complaint of criminal damage in connection with a vehicle that was scratched as the Progressives motorcade was intercepted Saturday by supporters of independent candidate Dwayne “John John” Seymour.

EDITORIAL – The government’s callous approach to expats (and pensions)

The Progressives government’s attitude toward expatriates too often can be approximated in a half-dozen words: “If you don’t like it – Leave.”

Education: Candidates seek new solutions to familiar problems

“Every effort must be made to make our educational facilities and teaching staffs second to none. All children deserve and must have a full and complete education.” Those words, from a November 1965 post-election editorial in the old Tradewinds publication about the need to prepare Cayman’s students for the demands of a growing offshore finance center, could just have easily been written in 2017.

Rowdy biker crashes outside political meeting

A man who was reported to be revving a motorcycle and shouting obscenities outside a George Town political meeting Tuesday night ended up crashing the motorbike into a car, injuring the driver.

Candidates face off in GT North forum

Sharp differences in policy regarding waste management and the proposed cruise ship berthing facility punctuated the George Town North candidate forum on Tuesday night.

EDITORIAL – The quality of Cayman crime: (Not good enough!)

The Cayman Islands is one of the world’s foremost offshore financial centers, home to complex multibillion-dollar corporate structures. Accordingly, you would think that the crimes committed here would tend to be really smart. Not so.

Permanent residence delays ‘classic case of mismanagement’

Two Newlands independent political candidates alleged Friday that the Progressives government’s mismanagement led to delays in hearing hundreds of permanent residence applications, delays the candidates said were “playing with people’s lives.”

Candidates bemoan debate no-shows

Two political hopefuls for the district of George Town West bemoaned poor attendance during recent candidate debates, not by audience members, but by the candidates themselves.
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Candidates clash over work permits, education at debate

Five candidates discussed work permits, employment and education, among other topics, at another in a series of national debates Monday night at the Arts and Recreation Centre in Camana Bay.

EDITORIAL – $1.7 billion health debt: The public sector crisis everyone saw coming

Hear that train whistle off in the distance? A $1.7 billion locomotive – representing the Cayman Islands government’s healthcare liability – is approaching, slowly but inexorably.

EDITORIAL – The Ritch Report: The parting of the Red Bay candidates

Elections are about choices. Choices are about contrast. And in this election – where candidates’ views tend to overlap on the vast majority of issues, here is a topic where, between two candidates, there could not be a greater contrast.

Education, employment hot topics at Bodden Town West forum

Education and employment were hot topics Friday at the James Manoah Bodden Civic Center for candidates running in Bodden Town West.

Independents blast ‘career politicians’

Three of five candidates running for election in George Town South debated healthcare, traffic congestion and a cruise berthing facility, at the South Sound Civic Center on Thursday evening.

Premier: Progressives will bring more PR changes if elected

If re-elected, Premier Alden McLaughlin said, his Progressives government in its first year will make more “significant” changes again to the system that awards permanent residence to non-Caymanians.

Bush: Give principals control over schools

Principals should be given control over school budgets and the hiring and firing of teachers, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said Friday.

Savannah candidates debate crime, education

Two of the three election candidates for the Savannah constituency tackled questions about crime, education and immigration at a forum last week hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.

Prospect election candidates face off in Chamber debate

Petty crime, traffic and jobs for Caymanians were among the big talking points as the three Prospect candidates faced off in the latest pre-election debate.

dms chief: Stop fighting ‘fake wars’

In a rare appearance on the political speech-making circuit over the weekend, dms company founder Don Seymour urged Caymanian voters to reject the wave of populism sweeping a number of nations and instead seek to unite the small territory on May 24.

Premier comes out swinging

In a Saturday night event that was partly a campaign launch and partly a fond farewell to a former Progressives party leader, Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin took aim at two political opponents.

EDITORIAL – Permanent residence: The Progressives’ explosive legacy

When the Progressives passed their Immigration Law in fall 2013, they handed the Cayman Islands a ticking time bomb of uncertainty and legal liability.

More independents, more women in 2017 general election

The 2017 general election has brought out more independent candidates and more female candidates than its predecessor in 2013, according to figures reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

EDITORIAL – ‘Where’s Alden?’: Different approaches to political chess

There’s a truism in political circles that goes, “Before voters ever choose their candidates – candidates have already chosen their voters.” That’s certainly what happened yesterday – Nomination Day – particularly with the Progressives.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

Conolly, Barbara

Barbara Conolly is a Progressives candidate for George Town South.

Orrett, Daphne

Daphne Orrett is a Progressives candidate for West Bay West.

O’Connor-Connolly, Juliana

Juliana O'Connor-Connolly is a Progressives candidate for Cayman Brac East.

McTaggart, Roy

Roy McTaggart is a Progressives candidate for George Town East.

Bodden, Heather

Heather Bodden is a Progessives candidate for Savannah.

Wight, David Charles

David Charles Wight is a Progressives candidate for George Town West.

Bodden Robinson, Maxine

Maxine Bodden Robinson is a Progressives candidate for Bodden Town West.

AS IT HAPPENED: This is how nomination day played out

Returning officers will hear candidate nominations between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. today. Cayman Compass reporters will submit updates on location from the country's 19 nominating locations as they develop. — Ed.

Election: Tibbetts, Connolly out, Eden back in

One long Cayman Islands political career came to an end Monday night, while another lengthy one continued and a fledgling career was seemingly cut short, as candidate nomination day loomed for general election candidates.

$4 million spent on land claims for highway widening

More than $4 million has been spent during the last two government budgets on land purchases related to the Linford Pierson Highway widening project.

Progressives founder Kurt Tibbetts quits politics

Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed that Mr. Tibbetts will not seek re-election in the upcoming May 24 vote.

Former PPM leader’s brother on opposition party team

The opposition Democratic Party will field at least 10 party candidates, in addition to supporting some independents for the upcoming election. One of those CDP candidates is Denniston Tibbetts, the older brother of Progressives party founder and former leader, Kurt Tibbetts.

EDITORIAL – Fuel price regulation: It may be good politics, but it’s bad policy

The Progressives’ proposal to lower the price of gasoline may look good on a bumper sticker, or sound good on the campaign trail, but as a piece of legislation, it’s bad policy and bad precedent.

Bill seeks fuel sector regulation; no immediate price controls

The Cayman Islands may eventually enact control over petrol prices, but only if the government finds no evidence of competition in the market, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts said Monday.

Minister: Bill seeks to guarantee Caymanian control of local law firms

A bill regulating the operation of Cayman Islands law firms and lawyers was approved unanimously Friday afternoon following an acrimonious week of debate.

Bush: Stop blaming party system

McKeeva Bush criticized repeated attacks on the territory’s two-party political system Friday, warning that individuals or groups outside the Legislative Assembly could end up controlling the government following the May 24 general election, rather than the candidates voters choose.

Lawmakers try again on lawyers bill compromise

For the second time this week, Cayman Islands lawmakers suspended the public meeting of the Legislative Assembly to commence a private parliamentary session in attempts to “reach consensus” on the Legal Practitioners Bill.

EDITORIAL – Legal Practitioners Bill: One complex law (plus 200 amendments)

“When you have the votes, vote. When you don’t have the votes, talk.”That’s a political axiom which applies neatly to the situation facing Cayman Islands legislators in relation to the Legal Practitioners Bill.

Lawyers bill compromise flops; debate continues

A Cayman Islands government minister signaled Tuesday that some changes to a controversial proposal seeking to further regulate the practice of law in the islands would have to be made before the bill is approved.

Crowded field facing off in Bodden Town

Cars jammed the sides of the main road from the public library to Cox Lumber as passing motorists honked their horns and shouted encouragement in the direction of two separate, competing events – announcing the political candidacies of election hopefuls Dwayne Seymour and Robert Bodden.

MLA: ‘Commission of inquiry’ needed for lawyers’ concerns

George Town MLA Winston Connolly asked Monday for a full commission of inquiry into allegations made by a number of Caymanian attorneys concerning the lack of enforcement of local Immigration Law and “discrimination” within the legal profession.

Gov’t pushes Legal Practitioners Bill forward

In a surprise move Wednesday afternoon, the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly began debate on the latest draft of the Legal Practitioners Bill.

Legislature may go until last day

Government is running out of time to consider a long list of potential laws, including the Legal Practitioners Bill, the elimination of independent FOI and complaints commissioner’s offices and the establishment of local fuel market regulations, as lawmakers face the final three weeks of their current term.

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