A man who was reported to be revving a motorcycle and shouting obscenities outside a George Town political meeting Tuesday night ended up crashing the motorbike into a car, injuring the driver.

The motorcycle rider ran off on foot along Crewe Road after the accident occurred at approximately 8:45 p.m., Royal Cayman Islands Police said.

The meeting was being held by Progressives party George Town Central candidate Marco Archer, who was supported by other party candidates and district residents during the event.

At the time the disturbance occurred, Premier Alden McLaughlin was speaking to the crowd. According to witnesses, the motorbike’s engine was so loud it drowned out the sound from the event speakers.

According to police, the motorbike and a black Cadillac collided on Crewe Road near the intersection of Ella Ray Gardens.

“As a result of the collision, the black Cadillac also collided into the rear of a Toyota Corolla [that was] parked on Ella Ray Gardens Drive,” police said.

The Cadillac driver suffered what police described as non-life-threatening injuries. No one was in the Toyota.

The motorbike driver fled, leaving his vehicle at the scene, according to police. As of press time Wednesday, police officers were still searching for the man and no arrests had been reported.

Mr. Archer said Wednesday that he was aware of the disturbance going on outside his meeting but was not really sure what it was all about.

“I hope the bike rider and the driver of the [Cadillac] were not seriously injured,” he said.

Premier McLaughlin’s senior political adviser, Roy Tatum, said he was right behind the motorcycle driver in his car sitting outside the meeting when the incident occurred.

“I didn’t hear what he shouted, but he certainly was trying to disrupt the meeting, no doubt about it,” Mr. Tatum said.

The political adviser, who has been around a number of campaigns in the Cayman Islands, said he was “disappointed” to see such behavior at a public political meeting, adding his view that such occurrences were not the norm in Cayman.

“We don’t want politics to slip to that kind of level,” Mr. Tatum said.

Progressives party General Secretary John Meghoo released a statement on the incident Wednesday afternoon: “The party is praying for the speedy recovery of an unsuspecting female driver and continued strength for her family. We are particularly concerned about the reckless behavior of a heckler who tried to disrupt our meeting and whose subsequent disregard for the traffic laws resulted in injuries to the motorist.

“We abhor this type of politically-inspired behavior. The Cayman Islands have always held free, fair and peaceful elections and the party does not condone misbehavior in any form.”

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  1. I find it quite disappointing but curious that our ruling party can deploy its administrative “big guns” to comment on a disruptive motorcyclist who happened to cause a non-life threatening accident, but to date, has failed to have its political leadership, the Premier and Cabinet, speak out on the significant rise in serious crime!! Surely seems like Party before Country to me!!

    I say this as a citizen who has a right to comment on, criticize or commend any Government action or inaction; at the risk of being soundly cursed out again by a certain Cabinet Minister from Bodden Town known for his thin skin and his hostile temperament !!

    • Kerith ,
      Was it Osborne Bodden that had cursed you out before ? If so , then why would you be scared to name a Minister like that . This is the problem when these politicians can do that sort of thing and get away with it , is why they will continue the intimidation and continue the unexceptional behavior for being a Minister / representative of the Islands and the people . You must call them out and hold them accountable for their actions . Remember that we the people puts them in their jobs to respect and work for us and the Islands. Not to disrespect us and abuse us .

  2. Agree Kerith , and I think that it’s strange that the campaign big wig would be sitting in his car , and the disruptive motor bike fool would run in to a black Cadillac too .
    But not to condone misbehavior in any form , is appalling to me not leadership we should have .