An eventful Election Day in Cayman yielded three surprising losses for reigning incumbents and ministers in the former administration.

Osbourne Bodden, Marco Archer and Wayne Panton, all members of the Progressives, were swept out of office in a wave of support for insurgent candidates.

Mr. Bodden, elected twice to represent the people of Bodden Town, finished third in a four-man race in this year’s results for Bodden Town East. Mr. Bodden, the former minister of community affairs, youth and sports, was ousted by Dwayne “John John” Seymour in a result that spurred a raucous celebration.

Mr. Seymour’s supporters beat pot covers, blew whistles and tooted horns once the results were announced, and they were celebrating a victory in a campaign that had turned confrontational in the final days. Mr. Bodden had called Mr. Seymour’s supporters ragamuffins, and they shouted “Ragamuffins now rule,” in the wake of the win.

Mr. Seymour took 427 votes out of 1,125 in the district, and he was followed by Robert Bodden (367) of the Cayman Democratic Party and Osbourne Bodden (290). There were similar scenes in George Town Central, where joyous supporters of independent candidate Kenneth Bryan celebrated his pivotal victory over Marco Archer, the former finance and economic development minister. Mr. Archer, who attended a specially arranged church service at 10:30 p.m. was not present as the outcome, one of only two losses for the Progressives in George Town, was announced.

Supporters of Dwayne ‘John John’ Seymour react with delight to the news that their candidate had beaten his opponent Osbourne Bodden. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

Mr. Bryan (495 votes) edged out Mr. Archer (460 votes) in a two horse race.

Mr. Bryan said, “I want to first thank my opponent, it was a good race and he is a good man. I just wish the party didn’t push him to come out here. It wasn’t designed this way but it is the end result.”

Mr. Panton, the minister of financial services, commerce and environment, sought office for the first time in 2013 and won a seat in Bodden Town. This time, running in Newlands, Mr. Panton (415 votes) was edged out by former colleague Alva Suckoo (433 votes), who also held an MLA seat in Bodden Town.

Anthony Eden and Alva Suckoo celebrate their election victories Wednesday night. – PHOTO: JEWEL LEVY

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  1. Great work….Alden McLaughlin

    You’ve just cost the Cayman Islands probably the best finance minister it has ever had…or had, since the introduction of party politics in Cayman.

    There is a very good reason why, when I lived in the Cayman Islands…I never ever participated directly in the political process…or cast a vote.

    I do know a thing or two about politics…coming from a background in Jamaica with heavy familial political connections and we recognise good ones, if there are any…from the not-so-good ones…of which there are many.

    Marco Archer…imo…and not because he is a personal and respected friend…is a good one; his track record and results prove that beyond any doubt.

    For the veteran politician that Mr. McLaughlin supposedly is…would he not have recognised that by turning an election campaign into a personal vendetta with and against Kenneth Bryan…he was increasing the chances of turning the voting public into Bryan’s supporters ?

    His vitriolic, revengeful and schoolboyish behaviour and tactics in constantly attacking Bryan’s character and past, which is certainly no worse than most of the other candidates in this election, played directly into Bryan’s hands and supporters who saw him as a victim

    And that only one person would suffer….Marco Archer ?

    I have absolutely nothing against Bryan BUT, as most of the political candidates in this election, I would question their qualifications and experience to make laws under which I would have to live….and none of them could dare even start a casual conversation about politics with me in a bar….much less canvass me for a vote.

    When the Cayman Islands now needs the financial planning and accounting skills that Marco has and has used to good effect…the country will have to do without him.

    Greeaaat work, Alden !

  2. Mr Tatum you are trying to deflect the blame from where it should be; the voters . The majority of the voters decided that they preferred to replace ‘ probably the best finance minister it has ever had ‘ with someone who does not have nowhere as much experience, someone with no legislative experience, and someone with a police record. a local lawyer on Radio Cayman this morning that a lot of people in George Town Central probably identified with Kenneth, because they too had police records. So blame the voters who rejected Mr Archer and no one else.