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Opposition continues calls for cooperation despite chilly response

Opposition legislators have renewed their offer of assistance to Premier Wayne Panton and his administration as Cayman navigates the reemergence of COVID-19.
Celine Manoosingh Nickolas DaCosta

Two Caymanians appointed to Premier’s office

Dr. Celine Manoosingh and Nickolas DaCosta have joined Premier Wayne Panton's office, according to a government press release issued Friday.

Gov’t tells tourism industry 80% remains as vaccination target

The government has rejected calls from the Cayman Islands Tourism Association to reconsider its target to vaccinate 80% of the population against COVID-19 before launching a soft reopening of the borders to tourists.

Panton: COVID exposed ‘dramatic inequality’

Premier Wayne Panton has outlined his vision for a more sustainable Cayman.

Panton announces phased border reopening plan

Premier Wayne Panton has unveiled a five phase reopening plan for Cayman’s borders that could see a limited return of tourism by September and a full easing of restrictions for vaccinated travelers and their children by mid-November.

Mandatory vaccination will not apply to Caymanians and permanent residents

Premier Wayne Panton said his government is not inclined to introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for Caymanians and permanent residents.

Gov’t considers 5-day quarantine, mandatory vaccines for work-permit holders

The Cayman Islands government is considering reducing the quarantine period for vaccinated travellers from 10 days to five days, and making it mandatory for work permit holders to be inoculated against COVID-19.

Premier: Cayman to push to be put on UK green travel list

Premier Wayne Panton says the Cayman Islands plans to push the United Kingdom to add the islands to its green travel list, which comes into effect on 17 May.

Governor asks UK to include OTs in vaccine passport app

Cayman should be included in any vaccine passport project used by the UK, Governor Martyn Roper announced today.

The first 100 days: How PACT could look to make a quick impact

As the Cayman Islands looks ahead to a new era under the leadership of Premier Wayne Panton, a blueprint for the possible direction of the country is beginning to emerge.

Seven days in Cayman: The rocky road to power

A week is often said to be a long time in politics and that has proved to be the case over the past seven days in the Cayman Islands.
Wayne Panton

What could we expect from a Panton government?

Like other political candidates, the ‘Community Creates Country’ manifesto of Wayne Panton and Heather Bodden notes that Caymanians are being left behind.

McKeeva Bush meets with Panton but no deal announced

McKeeva Bush departed talks with Wayne Panton and his coalition of independents on Friday afternoon, with no official word on whether the Speaker would be involved in helping Panton shore up his coalition. 

Where they stand: The status of negotiations

By Friday evening, neither Roy McTaggart's Progressives-led alliance nor Wayne Panton's coalition of independents had a clear majority of 10 MP-elects necessary to form a new government.

Rival groups locked as Turner rejoins Panton’s coalition

Seven representatives led by Wayne Panton attended a public meeting  Friday evening called by newly-elected member for Prospect Sabrina Turner to confirm she has returned to the group.

Governor: Panton only candidate to claim government so far

Governor Martyn Roper said Friday he has yet to receive any further representations from any group seeking to form a government since his meeting with Wayne Panton on Thursday.
McKeeva Bush

Mac back in the fray as negotiations continue

Wayne Panton's coalition of independents could be back on, with McKeeva Bush entering the fray as a possible partner for the group.
Roy McTaggart and Wayne Panton

The issue explained: The race to be premier

When is the race to form a government finalised? We answer some of the key questions surrounding how a government is formed and Premier appointed.

Panton meets governor as independents announce coalition

The successful independent candidates in Wednesday's general election have announced that they have joined forces and intend to form Cayman's new government, with Wayne Panton as premier.

Panton, Saunders among contenders in leadership race

Wayne Panton and Chris Saunders have emerged as two of the most likely leaders of a coalition of independent candidates if government is defeated at the polls next week.

Newlands candidates face off in district debates

Political hopefuls looking to secure the Newlands vote say traffic, infrastructure, cost of living and healthcare are the main issues facing their constituents.
Candidates for Newlands Alva Suckoo, Roydell Carter, Wayne Panton and Raul Gonzalez

Crosstalk debate: Newlands candidates face off

Candidates for Newlands Alva Suckoo, Roydell Carter, Wayne Panton and Raul Gonzalez join Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to debate the issues affecting their district.

Panton, Bodden ditch Progressives

Former PPM ministers Wayne Panton and Osbourne Bodden have resigned from the People’s Progressive Party.

Auditor finds vast differences in pay to board members

From the port boss who receives just $150 per meeting to the utilities director who is paid more than $50,000-a-year, an auditor general’s investigation found vast disparity in the pay handed out to the men and women appointed to the boards of some of the Cayman Islands’ most important institutions.

Panton supports referendum ‘if they get the numbers’

Former Environment Minister Wayne Panton says he supports the democratic right of campaigners to seek a referendum on the controversial cruise port plan.

Wayne Panton to lead Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Former government Minister Wayne Panton was named Wednesday as chairman of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, replacing his former colleague at Walkers law firm, Grant Stein, in the chairman’s post.

Letters – Giving a voice to the people

The free exchange of ideas is a necessary component of any healthy democracy. That is why the Compass reserves space in each issue for readers and leaders to share their perspectives as letters to the editor.

Campaign donors partially revealed

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital founder Dr. Steve Tomlinson contributed more than $194,000 to 10 political candidates during the final eight weeks of Cayman’s 2017 general election campaign.

Ministers’ plan splits law enforcement roles

The Progressives-led coalition government has divided responsibilities for law enforcement agencies among government ministries, one led by the premier and the other by Minister Tara Rivers.

EDITORIAL – Time to place the Conservation Law on the endangered list

A pair of planned resort properties are setting the spotlight on the southernmost tip of the Seven Mile Beach area … and on the Cayman Islands’ powerful National Conservation Council.

EDITORIAL – One Man, One Vote: Lessons learned from the election

Instead of making Cayman’s districts smaller, more numerous and more inward-facing, officials should have done the opposite: Make the entirety of the Cayman Islands one single district, and allow residents to vote on the same slate of candidates.

Upset losses oust three sitting ministers

An eventful Election Day in Cayman yielded three surprising losses for reigning incumbents and ministers in the former administration.
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Election candidates split over immigration restructure

Three candidates in Wednesday’s general election took deeply divided positions on immigration reform, with some favoring a work permit moratorium and others seeking to take the granting of work permits away from the Immigration Department entirely.

Permanent residence delays ‘classic case of mismanagement’

Two Newlands independent political candidates alleged Friday that the Progressives government’s mismanagement led to delays in hearing hundreds of permanent residence applications, delays the candidates said were “playing with people’s lives.”

Shipping industry braces for uncertainty

An uncertain global trade environment set the tone for the fifth annual Cayman Islands Shipping and Yachting Summit at the Grand Cayman Marriott Resort on Monday.

Engagement made Cayman stronger, financial services minister says

Minister of Financial Services Wayne Panton has defended government’s engagement with proponents of tax transparency, stating it has made Cayman stronger.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

AS IT HAPPENED: This is how nomination day played out

Returning officers will hear candidate nominations between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. today. Cayman Compass reporters will submit updates on location from the country's 19 nominating locations as they develop. — Ed.

Lawyers bill faces more delays as opposition reignites

Concerned that government may walk back its earlier agreement on changes to the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill, members of the independent opposition on Friday fired a new salvo in the months-long battle over the legislation.
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Government signs agreement to assist small businesses

The Ministry of Commerce has outsourced the delivery of certain small-business support services to the Cayman Islands Small Business Association.

Minister: Bill seeks to guarantee Caymanian control of local law firms

A bill regulating the operation of Cayman Islands law firms and lawyers was approved unanimously Friday afternoon following an acrimonious week of debate.

Lawmakers try again on lawyers bill compromise

For the second time this week, Cayman Islands lawmakers suspended the public meeting of the Legislative Assembly to commence a private parliamentary session in attempts to “reach consensus” on the Legal Practitioners Bill.

Crowded field facing off in Bodden Town

Cars jammed the sides of the main road from the public library to Cox Lumber as passing motorists honked their horns and shouted encouragement in the direction of two separate, competing events – announcing the political candidacies of election hopefuls Dwayne Seymour and Robert Bodden.

Lawmaker reveals origins of MLA ‘following’ claim

Further allegations were made Thursday regarding local law firms hiring a private company to follow two Cayman Islands legislators.

Minister: Cayman cannot ‘dictate’ global finance rules

There is no significant evidence of Cayman-established law firms moving large numbers of staff overseas to the detriment of their local operations, Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton said Wednesday during a LA debate on the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill.

Gov’t pushes Legal Practitioners Bill forward

In a surprise move Wednesday afternoon, the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly began debate on the latest draft of the Legal Practitioners Bill.

Liquor sales at gas stations

I am publicly calling for an investigation by Minister Wayne Panton into the cabinet order 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2010 regarding the prohibition of gas stations obtaining liquor licenses.

Legislature may go until last day

Government is running out of time to consider a long list of potential laws, including the Legal Practitioners Bill, the elimination of independent FOI and complaints commissioner’s offices and the establishment of local fuel market regulations, as lawmakers face the final three weeks of their current term.

MLAs urge prosecution of partners of Cayman’s major law firms

Unnamed Cayman Islands law firms are accused of “intentionally ignoring and deliberately circumventing” both the Legal Practitioners Law and Immigration Law, in a private members’ motion filed with the Legislative Assembly.

Panton takes issue with Compass editorial on proposed bills

It must be very stressful not having scandals or corruption charges against political leaders in government to write about anymore. I would hope though that you would take the time to ensure that you write an editorial that is factually correct and free of misrepresentation.
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Trade and business changes remove ‘inconvenience’

A few aspects of Cayman’s licensing regime for local businesses will be changed during the next Legislative Assembly meeting, partially in response to concerns expressed by the private sector.

Minister: No new draft of lawyers bill

Although the Cayman Islands government still intends to pass a version of the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill, it will not propose entirely rewritten legislation for this month’s Legislative Assembly meeting.

Government: European Commissioner recognizes Cayman’s tax transparency regime

European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici at a meeting with Cayman Islands Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton in Brussels last week said he recognized the strength of Cayman’s tax transparency regime and its participation in the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting inclusive framework, according to a press release from the Cayman Islands Government.

Panton, Wayne

Wayne Panton is a Progressives candidate for Newlands.

Indian High Commissioner on courtesy visit

The High Commissioner of India visited the Cayman Islands last week, where he held meetings with Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Acting Premier Moses Kirkconnell, Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton and other Cabinet members.

Cayman officials discuss bank de-risking in the US, Bahamas

Officials from the Ministry of Financial Services and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority held a second round of talks in Washington, D.C., in December about the danger of U.S. banks severing their business ties with banks in the Caribbean.

Opposition MLAs question boxing ticket giveaway

Complimentary tickets for Saturday’s Island Rumble – attended by Philippines boxing legend Manny Pacquiao – were being handed out Friday at the Progressives Bodden Town MLA office, according to text messages sent around last week.

Second public consultation period on beneficial ownership

Government has announced the start of a second public consultation period for the planned exchange of beneficial ownership information with foreign law enforcement and tax authorities through a centralized platform.

Government: ‘Critical errors’ in tax haven report

A report by aid agency and advocacy group Oxfam which names Cayman the world’s second worst tax haven – behind Bermuda and ahead of the Netherlands – is riddled with errors and misinformation trying to influence public policy, the Cayman Islands government said in a statement.

Design rights, patent changes now in force

As part of a years-long push to modernize intellectual property rights protections in the Cayman Islands, government published two new laws this week. One creates a new class of intellectual property for “design rights” and the other has amendments to try to keep frivolous patent claims out of Cayman’s courts.

Cargo ship slams coral reef in George Town harbor

Significant damage was done to a coral reef in George Town harbor early Friday after a 328-foot cargo vessel struck the shallow area with its hull, Department of Environment officials said.

Premier talks Brexit, budget, beer in London

The Cayman Islands government may wish to pay off some of its $500 million in debts early, according to statements made during the week-long Joint Ministerial Council meeting in London.

EDITORIAL – Head-on collision: New highway and environmental law

A highway is plotted directly through the “ecological heart of Grand Cayman.” On one side are elected leaders who support the project. On the other are officials charged with protecting the environment. What we have here, folks, is a high-stakes game of chicken.

Legal Practitioners Bill stalled, may return for vote in 2017

Another attempt to pass modern regulatory standards for Cayman Islands lawyers ahead of an international financial review failed Tuesday as the Progressives-led administration agreed to push back a vote on the Legal Practitioners Bill (2016) until the next Legislative Assembly meeting is held, possibly in January.

Minister: We won’t ‘nationalize’ law firms

The redrafted Legal Practitioners Bill will provide more and greater opportunities for Caymanian attorneys to get jobs and promotions in the legal profession than ever before, Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton said last week.

Liquor Licensing Board chairman quits after 10 months

The chairman of Grand Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Board has resigned after 10 months in the position. Commerce Minister Wayne Panton confirmed Monday that Campbell Law had left the board, citing other pressing responsibilities.

Last-minute meeting called over lawyers bill

A snap public meeting has been called for Thursday night over the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill, just days before the legislation was expected to come before parliament for a vote. Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton said the Progressives-led government still expects to bring the amendment bill for a vote during the current meeting of the Legislative Assembly.

Same-sex marriage: In their own words

Lawmakers spent most of the day Oct. 6 debating whether the Cayman Islands should hold a public referendum on allowing same-sex marriage in the territory. The referendum motion failed by a 9-to-8 party line vote. Below are excerpts from the debate from each legislator who spoke in the debate.

New rules for nonprofits approved, despite concerns

Cayman Islands lawmakers approved legislation Wednesday that will register and regulate nonprofit organizations, in a bid to prevent such groups potentially being used as cover for illegal activities such as money laundering or terrorist financing. Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton said there were no instances reported locally in which charities were used to such an end.

New laws ‘modernize’ trademark, design rights

New protections for trademarks, design rights and patents passed through second readings in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, part of the Commerce Ministry’s years-long push to modernize intellectual property protections in the Cayman Islands.

Government tries again with lawyers bill

With an international anti-money laundering review looming next year, Cayman Islands lawmakers will try one more time to pass modern regulatory legislation for the legal profession.

Bill aims to update intellectual property rights

With an updated law governing copyright that came into force earlier this year, government published a suite of new laws and amendments last week to update trademark, design rights and patent rules.

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