Governor Martyn Roper answers questions from the media at the briefing on 5 May. Photo: Alvaro Serey

Cayman should be included in any vaccine passport project used by the UK, Governor Martyn Roper announced today.

“We have asked the UK that if they roll out some kind of vaccine passport that the Overseas Territories are included as part of that, because we’ve been part of a rollout of the vaccine programme that the UK has provided,” Roper explained during today’s COVID-19 press conference, in response to questions from the Compass. 

As to the mechanisms of how any potential vaccine passport might work, Roper said the UK was leaning towards “using some kind of app where you’ll have to show your test results, your vaccine”.

COVID-19 inoculation certificates issued by the Health Services Authority as part of the national vaccination programme. Photo: Caroline James

While Roper stressed that the current focus in the UK remains on “getting holidays to Europe going” as per the road map laid out by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he added, “we’re watching it all very closely and need to make sure we’re in the right place as soon as that begins”.

When asked about whether the Public Health-issued certificates provided as part of Cayman’s vaccination programme would be acceptable documentation for international travel, Premier Wayne Panton said it was difficult to clarify, but “on the face of it, they should be acceptable”.

British Airways air-bridges to continue

Roper also stressed he was “very keen” that the air-bridges established with the UK be maintained.

“We are keen to keep going the current fortnightly arrangement; but also BA are quite keen to get back to a commercial situation particularly with the US,” Roper said.

The governor stated that there were “another couple of flights in the pipeline to be confirmed soon”.

He added that discussions were ongoing in terms of any longer-term arrangement.

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said there would be “at least three more” air-bridge flights.

“How we continue depends a lot on how the vaccine goes, whether we maintain how it is now or whether we do more flights. But we don’t want to say that and make people’s hopes get too high, but we will be giving more info in the coming weeks,” Bryan set out.

The PACT government did not specify any further reduction in quarantine arrangements for incoming travellers or set out a timetable for reopening Cayman’s borders.

However, Health Minister Sabrina Turner said consideration was being given to removing the requirement for a PCR test taken 72 hours before entering Cayman for travellers who have completed their vaccination course no less than two weeks before arrival.

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