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Cayman had just 5,000 visitors in the year since COVID struck

Cayman had a total of 5,566 stay-over visitors in the year since the pandemic began - about half of what the island would see in a single week during normal times.

Fresh vaccine supply set to arrive on BA flight

Cayman is set to receive 11,700 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines on Wednesday's British Airways flight, Governor Martyn Roper has confirmed.

Genome sequencing advances COVID fight

Cayman’s ability to conduct genome sequencing is not only a pivotal leap forward for the local COVID response, it could also help give the jurisdiction the edge it needs to be added to the UK’s ‘green’ travel list.

Pfizer vaccine approved for 12-15 year olds in Cayman

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been approved to be administered to 12-15 year olds in Cayman.

Cayman begins genome sequencing to determine strains of COVID

The Health Services Authority has commenced genome sequencing of local COVID-19 cases making Cayman the first in the region, outside of the Caribbean Public Health Agency, to conduct such testing, Governor Martyn Roper has said.

Cayman hits 70% vaccination rate

As of today, 3 June, 45,195 people in Cayman (70% of an estimated population of 65,000) have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the daily update from the Ministry of Health.

Lines at clinic as COVID vaccines expected to run out before next batch arrives

With prize-draw incentives, the impending expiration of Cayman's vaccine supply, and the likelihood of mandatory vaccinations for work-permit holders, residents are continuing to line up for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Mandatory vaccination will not apply to Caymanians and permanent residents

Premier Wayne Panton said his government is not inclined to introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for Caymanians and permanent residents.

Public Health offering 2nd AstraZeneca doses

Medical personnel will be administering second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Saturday, 29 May, at the airport vaccination clinic, the Public Health Department announced today.

The issue explained: The science behind the vaccines

We answer some of the key questions about the COVID-19 vaccines, how they work and their likely impact in helping reopen Cayman.

Ebanks Garcia: Cayman-administered vaccines ‘easier to verify’

Former Travel Cayman Director Tasha Ebanks Garcia has defended newly amended COVID-19 protocols easing the travel process for individuals vaccinated at the Health Services Authority, saying it is easier to verify those passengers’ jabs.

Vaccination Challenge goes to Cayman Brac

This Saturday, 22 May from 10am to 1pm, Minister of Tourism & Transport Hon. Kenneth Bryan and Minister of Health & Wellness Hon. Sabrina Turner, will be at the Aston Rutty Medical Wing to meet and greet Cayman Brac residents coming to get vaccinated ahead of the 9 June deadline for first doses.

The story in data: COVID, vaccinations and the road to reopening

From the effectiveness of vaccines, the rate of spread of the virus and the threshold for ‘herd immunity’, a wealth of data is emerging on COVID in Cayman and across the globe. We look at what the statistics are telling us about the state of the fight against the pandemic.

PCR tests for HSA-vaccinated travellers no longer required

Government has removed the PCR testing requirement for returning travellers who have completed their COVID-19 vaccination with the Health Services Authority.

American Airlines poised for Cayman return, expects Caribbean tourism boom

American Airlines is scheduling more flights to the Caribbean this summer than it did during a record-breaking 2019, and is poised to return to Cayman as soon as feasible once the borders reopen.

Lee: UK variant found in ‘large number’ of COVID cases

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has said the COVID-19 UK variant has been detected in a "large number" of Cayman's coronavirus cases.

Crosstalk catch-up: Dr. John Lee on ‘reinvigorated’ vaccination drive

Cayman's Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee appeared on today's Crosstalk to discuss Cayman's vaccination drive and what it means for plans to re-open the Islands' borders.

UPDATED: Half of Monday’s 12 positive COVID cases found at exit screening

Since Friday, 12 travellers have tested positive for coronavirus, with about half of these results coming from people at the end of their quarantine, according to the daily COVID-19 update from Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee.

New data from Bermuda, England confirms vaccine effectiveness

New data and reports from Bermuda and the UK have confirmed the real-life effectiveness of vaccines in protecting against severe illness and death.

Governor asks UK to include OTs in vaccine passport app

Cayman should be included in any vaccine passport project used by the UK, Governor Martyn Roper announced today.
The premier said Cayman can reopen its borders once 70-80% of the entire population had been vaccinated.

70% of Cayman’s over-16s vaccinated

In its daily update, issued this afternoon (4 May), the Ministry of Health said that 70% of Cayman's population aged over 16 have received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Pregnant women now encouraged to get vaccinated

The UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has updated its guidance and now recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should be offered the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as non-pregnant women.

Leader of the Opposition adds his voice to vaccination push

Leader of the Opposition Roy McTaggart is encouraging everyone across Cayman who has not yet been vaccinated to do so "as soon as possible". In...

183 vaccines delivered in last 24 hours

Just 183 vaccines have been administered in the past 24 hours, according to the daily COVID-19 update issued by the Ministry of Health.
All the samples are carefully labelled and bar-coded before they get to the lab.

Seven travellers test positive for COVID-19

According to the daily update issued by the Ministry of Health on Monday, seven people have tested positive for COVID-19, out of 561 tests carried out since Friday. 

After 13 months closed, Westin resort plans June reopening

The Westin resort on Seven Mile Beach, which has been closed to guests since March, is preparing to reopen for staycations from June.

Turks and Caicos makes COVID vaccines mandatory for work-permit holders

Covid-19 vaccinations have been made mandatory for work permit holders in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Prospect man to face court for quarantine breaches

Aaron Ronaldo Montemayor is expected to attend the Summary Court next month to answer charges of quarantine breach.

Governor urges more jabs as vaccination numbers taper off

Governor Martyn Roper has said the drop in COVID-19 vaccinations is concerning as he reiterated his call for more members of the public to get the jab.
The premier said Cayman can reopen its borders once 70-80% of the entire population had been vaccinated.

8,000 more adults must be vaccinated for 80% coverage

Cayman has administered a total of 60,637 vaccines with 33,544 people having received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. This equates to 52% of Cayman estimated population of 65,000.

More than 100 vaccinated at youth drive

Public health officials say 123 people aged between 16 and 24 received their COVID-19 vaccines at an inoculation drive and street party on Friday.

11 test positive for COVID-19

Out of a batch of 1,004 tests, 11 travellers returned positive results for COVID-19, according to the chief medical officer's report on Tuesday.

Police investigate quarantine breach

Police are investigating an alleged quarantine breach involving a traveller isolating at home and one other person, according to a press release issued on behalf of Travel Cayman. 
Bermuda MoH 29 March

Dr. John Lee: Bermuda’s spike in COVID cases ‘really worrying’

According to Bermuda's Ministry of Health, the territory recorded 108 positive COVID-19 cases on Monday.

12 new COVID cases in latest results

Of the 808 COVID-19 tests carried out since Friday, a dozen travellers have returned positive results, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported Monday.

Four travellers test positive for COVID

Cayman has registered four new cases of COVID -19 in its latest round of routine screening tests, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has reported.
Tourists relax on Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach

When will enough people be vaccinated to reopen Cayman’s borders?

Cayman's vaccine rollout is progressing fast, but even that may not be enough to quickly reach the targets currently set for a border reopening.

Seven test positive for COVID-19

Seven people have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the chief medical officer's daily report.

New quarantine requirements enacted

From today, Cayman's new quarantine requirements for arriving vaccinated travellers are in effect.
COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine

41% of Cayman’s total population receive first vaccine dose

According to Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee's daily COVID-19 update, 41% – or 26,321 – of the jurisdiction's total population have received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. 

Hospitals say COVID delayed sending of outstanding bills

Patients recently have been receiving a flurry of hospital bills that date back months, and even years, from CTMH Doctors Hospital and the Health Services Authority.

Open Cayman to vaccinated visitors

While I understand the premier’s first responsibility regarding COVID-19 is the safety of the Cayman people, I do question why decisions seem to have...

WHO urges world not to halt vaccinations as AstraZeneca shot divides Europe

The World Health Organization appealed to countries on Monday not to pause vaccination campaigns after two more European nations and one in Asia joined a handful which have suspended use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine over safety fears.

A year of COVID-19

A year ago, on 12 March, a solemn-faced Premier Alden McLaughlin announced at a press briefing that Cayman had its first COVID-19 case.

Almost 1,000 get health insurance support

Just under 1,000 displaced Caymanian workers have received assistance through government's Health Insurance Premiums Payment Assistance Programme, Health Minister Dwayne Seymour has confirmed.

Governor: Quarantine breach prosecutions ‘complex’

In the wake of a fresh quarantine breach this week and a lack of convictions for the offence, since last year's high-profile sentencing of Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet, the Governor stressed it was important to let the judicial process "run its course".

Negative COVID-19 tests now mandatory before arrival in Jamaica

The Jamaican government has issued new travel requirements, which make it mandatory for all people aged 12 and older to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test at least 72 hours before their flight.

Jamaica, Cuba face worst COVID-19 outbreaks yet

While global new infections start to decline, a handful of countries across the Caribbean are suffering their worst outbreaks since the start of the pandemic.

Cayman’s over-60s inch closer to vaccination target

To date, 90% of people aged over 70 and 85% of those over 60 have now had at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee reported Monday. 

Six new COVID-19 positive cases among travellers

A further six people have tested positive for COVID-19 today, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee.

Seven positive COVID-19 cases among travellers

Cayman has recorded seven new positive COVID-19 cases today, according to Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee's daily update.

Next shipment of COVID vaccines confirmed

Cayman's fourth shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines will arrive on 11 March, Governor Martyn Roper has confirmed.

CARICOM insists on equitable distribution of vaccines

As regional neighbours begin the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, 14 independent CARICOM states have insisted, in a resolution adopted Wednesday, on the equitable distribution of doses.

3 new COVID cases among travellers

Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee, in his latest COVID-19 update, reported that of the 500 tests carried out since Friday, three were positive.

Two new suspected quarantine breaches investigated

Police have confirmed that they are investigating two new suspected quarantine breaches, but declined to provide details of those latest incidents.

15K COVID-19 vaccine doses arrive

Cayman has five new COVID-19 cases, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has confirmed, hours after the arrival of Cayman's largest shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 from the United Kingdom.

Britain tightens travel restrictions with hotel quarantine and prison threat

Britain said it would bring in tighter border controls next week against new variants of the coronavirus, requiring hotel quarantine for arrivals and threatening rule-breakers with up to 10 years in jail and fines.

Side effects of COVID crisis impacting health system

The aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken to fight it are causing a wave of secondary health impacts across the Cayman Islands.

Travel Cayman: ‘Software error’ resulted in quarantine breach

Travel Cayman has blamed a suspected quarantine breach in Windsor Park on a software glitch after a traveller was taken to a private home instead of a government-approved isolation facility.

Housebound patients receive vaccines

As part of Cayman's national vaccination programme, 76 homebound patients received their COVID-19 inoculation on Tuesday, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee said in a release issued Wednesday.

UK plans tough new border measures to combat coronavirus

Britain will announce new tougher border measures on Wednesday to stop new variants of COVID-19 getting into the country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said as he promised to deliver a roadmap out of lockdowns that have shuttered much of the economy.

Johnson: English lockdown set to last until at least March

United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated Wednesday the COVID-19 lockdown in England would last until 8 March when schools could start to reopen as the government announced new measures to clamp down on travel to and from Britain.

Hospitalised COVID-19 patient improves, one new case announced

Cayman's lone hospitalised COVID-19 patient will be released from medical care today, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee confirmed.
Health Services Authority forensic laboratory.

COVID-19 patient hospitalised; in stable condition

A traveller who tested positive for COVID-19 has been admitted to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) at the Health Services Authority from quarantine, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee confirmed Saturday.

Cayman checks for UK COVID variant

Cayman has sent samples overseas for testing to detect the new UK COVID-19 variant, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee has confirmed.

UK COVID-19 variant found in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health officials have confirmed their first case of the highly infectious UK COVID-19 variant.

Outdoor public gatherings extended to 1,000

New regulations are doubling the number of people that can gather at outdoor public places, and extending restrictions on travel between the three Cayman Islands for three months, until 15 April.

Too early to say when COVID-19 lockdown will end, Johnson says

It is too early to say when the national coronavirus lockdown in England will end, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday, as daily deaths from COVID-19 reach new highs and hospitals become increasingly stretched.

New COVID-19 variant defeats plasma treatment, may reduce vaccine efficacy

The new COVID-19 variant identified in South Africa can evade the antibodies that attack it in treatments using blood plasma from previously recovered patients, and may reduce the efficacy of the current line of vaccines, scientists said on Wednesday.

Six travellers test positive for COVID-19

Six travellers have test positive for COVID-19 and are now in isolation where they will remain until they are considered to have recovered, so said Chief Medical Officer Dr John Lee on Friday 15 Jan.

Mack, Ramgeet released from prison

Skylar Mack has returned to the United States after she and her boyfriend, Vanjae Ramgeet, were released from prison.

Cayman travellers to UK required to isolate

Those travelling from the Cayman Islands to the United Kingdom will now be required to isolate as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that the UK will be suspending its travel corridor initiative from Monday, 18 Jan.

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