McKeeva Bush meets with Panton but no deal announced

McKeeva Bush departed talks with Wayne Panton and his group of independents on Friday afternoon, with no official word on whether the Speaker would be involved in helping Panton shore up his coalition.

The independents were huddled at the White House, formerly the DMS building, in George Town Friday. Several of Bush’s political allies and advisors were on site and speculation was swirling that the former Speaker could be involved in helping Panton assemble the 10 MP-elects required to form the next government.

There was no official word from Bush or Panton on the matter. Bush left the building wearing a Panama hat and drove off with North Side MP-elect Johany ‘Jay’ Ebanks. Ebanks is another pivotal figure in the talks to form a government.

Compass reporters asked Panton specifically about whether Bush was involved in his group; he said he could not comment. There was no word of any partnership later that night, when seven members of Panton’s alliance held a community meeting in Prospect.

The return of Sabrina Turner to Panton’s group means he has successfully derailed the Progressives-led alliance announced early Friday morning. However, it appears both sides now hold only nine MPs, one short of the majority necessary to form a government.

On Thursday, Panton announced that he had formed a viable coalition of independents, at that point without Bush involved.

The negotiations in both camps continue with the Progressives still hopeful of forming a coalition.

Isaac Rankine, the East End MP-elect, was not on site with the independents today.

He was part of Panton’s initial team, but later joined the Progressives and, as of Friday night, appeared to be still in that camp.

Whatever governments are announced – and there have been two so far – they remain provisional until a meeting of the Parliament is called and the new government is sworn in.

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