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COVID-19 vaccination schedule June 2021

The Public Health Department has published the latest schedule for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic for June 2021.

UPDATED: Half of Monday’s 12 positive COVID cases found at exit screening

Since Friday, 12 travellers have tested positive for coronavirus, with about half of these results coming from people at the end of their quarantine, according to the daily COVID-19 update from Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee.

COVID-19 vaccination schedule 10 May – 31 May

The Public Health Department has published the latest schedule for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic 10 May – 31 May 2021.
The premier said Cayman can reopen its borders once 70-80% of the entire population had been vaccinated.

70% of Cayman’s over-16s vaccinated

In its daily update, issued this afternoon (4 May), the Ministry of Health said that 70% of Cayman's population aged over 16 have received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Panton announces new Cabinet

Premier Wayne Panton has announced the members of his Cabinet under the PACT government.
All the samples are carefully labelled and bar-coded before they get to the lab.

Seven travellers test positive for COVID-19

According to the daily update issued by the Ministry of Health on Monday, seven people have tested positive for COVID-19, out of 561 tests carried out since Friday. 

COVID-19 vaccination schedule 26 April – 8 May

The Public Health Department has published the latest schedule for the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic 26th April – 8th May 2021.

Seven days in Cayman: The rocky road to power

A week is often said to be a long time in politics and that has proved to be the case over the past seven days in the Cayman Islands.

O’Connor-Connolly defends decision to join Panton’s government

In the first meeting of Parliament under the new administration, Cayman Brac East MP Juliana O'Connor-Connolly, who accepted a Cabinet role in Wayne Panton's government just hours before legislators were sworn in on Wednesday, defended her decision to leave the Progressives opposition.

McTaggart heads up Public Accounts Committee

Leader of the Opposition Roy McTaggart has been named chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

Lawmakers recount gruelling campaign, urge ‘country first’

Cayman's new government, led by Premier Wayne Panton, has called for a 'country first' approach as the island's 19 elected MPs leave what has been a gruelling political contest behind.

PACT government: Time for talk is over

The proverbial dust has now settled on the 2021 election, with Cayman’s PACT government, led by Premier Wayne Panton, in place with the new leadership ready to get to work.

McKeeva Bush: What the candidates said on the campaign trail

It was the million-dollar question that nearly every candidate was asked at some point or other on the campaign trail – “Would you work with McKeeva Bush?”

Panton vows to build a fairer Cayman

Wayne Panton was officially confirmed as the new premier of the Cayman Islands on Wednesday afternoon, vowing to unite the country and build a...

Governor welcomes code of conduct for parliamentarians

Governor Martyn Roper, in his speech after swearing in members of Cayman’s new government on Wednesday, said he welcomed its plans to introduce a code of conduct for parliamentarians.

Sights and sounds from swearing-in ceremony

Pictures and videos from the swearing-in ceremony of the ministers and members of the Cayman Islands government.

As it happened: Wayne Panton elected as Cayman’s new premier

Wayne Panton's PACT coalition of indepdents is being sworn-in as Cayman's new government today. Follow the swearing-in ceremony here.
Cayman Islands Crisis Centre

Crisis Centre rejects Bush-PACT money

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre has rejected any monetary contribution from West Bay West MP McKeeva Bush who was convicted of assaulting a woman last year.

Panton poised to be premier as governor sets swearing-in for Wednesday

Governor Martyn Roper has set 3pm Wednesday for the swearing in of the Wayne Panton-led PACT government.

The issue explained: Can Speaker Bush help PACT form a stable government?

With the PACT team of independents and the Progressives and their partners locked at 9-9, McKeeva Bush has become the kingmaker and looks set to return to the Speaker's chair where he could cast the deciding vote to make Wayne Panton Premier. We explain some of the law and the debate surrounding the viability of that arrangement.

Cayman Voices: Mac PACT deal a ‘price too high to pay’

Cayman Voices founder Taura Ebanks has spoken out against the Wayne Panton-led PACT deal which puts West Bay West MP McKeeva Bush back in the Speaker's chair.

Bush explains PACT with Panton

West Bay West MP McKeeva Bush issued a fresh apology for his assault on a woman last year as he confirmed he signed on to be Speaker in Wayne Panton’s coalition of independents in a move that could help them secure the government.
Wayne Panton and McKeeva Bush

Panton announces new deal to form government, with McKeeva Bush as Speaker

Wayne Panton, the leader of the newly formed PACT Independent Group, announced a deal to form a government that would see McKeeva Bush return as speaker of the house.

Analysis: Who ‘won’ the election?

The last few days following the election have seen claims across the political divide over who won the election.

Governor: ‘Urgent review’ needed of online harassment of MPs

Governor Martyn Roper has said he has asked Police Commissioner Derek Byrne to conduct an 'urgent review' of online harassment aimed at elected representatives seeking to work through formation of a coalition government.

McTaggart calls for calm as negotiations continue

Progressives leader Roy McTaggart has said talks to form a government are still very much on as he continues to negotiate with independent members.
Wayne Panton

What could we expect from a Panton government?

Like other political candidates, the ‘Community Creates Country’ manifesto of Wayne Panton and Heather Bodden notes that Caymanians are being left behind.

Protests outside Rankine’s home after meeting is cancelled

Newly elected East End representative Isaac Rankine has cancelled a planned constituency meeting this afternoon, citing public safety concerns following "social media posts inciting violence".

Panton claims Progressives must accept “will of the people”

Progressives leader Roy McTaggart confirmed this afternoon that he has met with Wayne Panton, the leader of a group of independents, to discuss the possibility of forming a coalition government.

McKeeva Bush meets with Panton but no deal announced

McKeeva Bush departed talks with Wayne Panton and his coalition of independents on Friday afternoon, with no official word on whether the Speaker would be involved in helping Panton shore up his coalition. 

Where they stand: The status of negotiations

By Friday evening, neither Roy McTaggart's Progressives-led alliance nor Wayne Panton's coalition of independents had a clear majority of 10 MP-elects necessary to form a new government.

Rival groups locked as Turner rejoins Panton’s coalition

Seven representatives led by Wayne Panton attended a public meeting  Friday evening called by newly-elected member for Prospect Sabrina Turner to confirm she has returned to the group.

EDITORIAL: Cayman craves cohesion not chaos

The people of the Cayman Islands had their say at the polls on Wednesday, 14 April – in what was a peaceful and well-organised democratic election. 19 Members of Parliament emerged victorious that evening, ranging from decades-serving politicians to completely fresh faces.

Turner back with independents, Panton looks to form government

Newly elected Prospect MP Sabrina Turner confirms she is a ‘member of the independent government’ as she describes it.

Governor: Panton only candidate to claim government so far

Governor Martyn Roper said Friday he has yet to receive any further representations from any group seeking to form a government since his meeting with Wayne Panton on Thursday.

Timeline: How we got here

At close of polls on Election Night, the Progressives were expressing confidence that they had enough support among a handful of independents to form the next government, while Wayne Panton, tipped widely - along with Chris Saunders - as potentially being the next premier if the independents prevailed, said he was sure Cayman voters wanted to see a change in government and would support the independent candidates.
McKeeva Bush

Mac back in the fray as negotiations continue

Wayne Panton's coalition of independents could be back on, with McKeeva Bush entering the fray as a possible partner for the group.
Wayne Panton, Roy McTaggart

Poll: Who should form the next government?

Cayman waits on the formation of a new government. The race to the premiership sees Progressives leader Roy McTaggart facing Wayne Panton, who is leading a coalition of independents. Who do you think should from the next government of the Cayman Islands?

Five female candidates head to Parliament

Five female representatives, two more than that of last legislature, will be taking their seats in Parliament.

Upsets, close contests and foregone conclusions

The Cayman Islands saw the highest-ever number of eligible voters (23,594) and votes cast (17,247) last night, but, at the same time, the turnout of 73.1% was a record low and down by one percentage point compared to the last general election in 2017.

Progressives claim formation of government, breaking Panton’s PACT

Progressives Leader Roy McTaggart has announced that he has secured agreement with ten elected members enabling is party to form the government with him elected as Premier.

Progressives still seeking to form a government

Wayne Panton's government of independents may not be a done deal just yet with the Progressives hoping to break up the so-called PACT alliance.

Panton meets governor as independents announce coalition

The successful independent candidates in Wednesday's general election have announced that they have joined forces and intend to form Cayman's new government, with Wayne Panton as premier.

Students shadow Compass reporters during election

Election Day in the Cayman Islands has proven to be one of the longest days every four years for journalists, who consistently work from as early as 4:30am to about 2am, chronicling the results.
Roy McTaggart and Wayne Panton

Cayman waits: Rival factions vie to form government

While the dust may have settled when it comes to winners in the 2021 election, the actual formation of Cayman's government remains under heavy negotiations.

The day after: Victorious candidates and challengers react

Victorious candidates and challengers take to social media to share their reactions to the 2021 general elections in the Cayman Islands.

McTaggart looks to lead coalition as Progressives prevail

Roy McTaggart looks set to be the next premier of the Cayman Islands with the Progressives in pole position to lead a coalition government.

CATCH-UP: Compass election night broadcast

Join Compass editor-in-chief Kevin Morales and news editor Caroline James for coverage from election night, as the votes came in and our panel of political analysts shared their take on all the happenings from the general election. 

Photo gallery: Images from election day

Photos from across the 19 districts of the 2021 general election of the Cayman Islands.

Election night as it happened

Roy McTaggart looks set to be the next premier of the Cayman Islands with the Progressives in poll position to lead a coalition government.

Steady flow as votes near 50% mark

Almost half of Cayman's voters have already turned out at local polling stations to cast their ballots in the 2021 general election.

Elections Office staff begin long day ahead

Elections Office staff began their duties early Wednesday morning dispatching ballot boxes and ballots under police guard from Government Administration Building as Cayman's general elections officially kicked off.

LIVE BLOG: Cayman heads to the polls

Follow our live coverage of the 2021 Cayman Islands general election, with the latest news and results from the 19 polling districts across Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

50% of candidates running outside their district

Half of the candidates in the Cayman Islands General Election go into Wednesday's poll with the guarantee of a single vote head start.

Last-minute law change allows all ballots to be tallied together

New law changes approved by Cabinet hours ahead of the general election will allow postal and mobile ballots to be mixed with same-day votes in Election Day boxes before the start of counting, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell announced.

Election Day 101: Essential information for voting

Early on Wednesday, local polls will open, allowing registered voters to have their say on who they want to lead country for the next four years, as the country navigates the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic recovery.

DeCou flags fake manifesto, files police report

George Town East candidate Emily DeCou has alerted police after a fake manifesto purported to be in her name started circulating in the George Town East constituency.

Domestic election observers begin mission

This 14 April there will be no international observer mission on the ground, as has been the norm for general elections. Instead, a domestic team has been charged with the task of monitoring the conduct of local polls, a mandate which Head of Mission Hadleigh Roberts said the team is ready to execute.

Debate review forum talks coalitions and campaign happenings

Compass news editor Caroline James with panel Tammi Sulliman and Richard Barton discuss this week's debates and election happenings.

Election trends: Progressives ‘may have an edge’

With the 14 April general election now mere days away, keen political observers like Livingston Smith are taking the public’s pulse on who may likely lead the next government.

Fact check: Progressives-alliance manifesto

The Progressives-led alliance unveiled its manifesto on 27 March, outlining its vision for a “Stronger, Safter Future,” as the document is titled.
Chris Saunders

Saunders names possible coalition partners

Bodden Town legislator Chris Saunders named a string of candidates he is supporting on election night and expressed confidence that a strong coalition of independents will form the next government.

Elections Day will be ‘dry’

The Liquor Licensing Board has reminded the public and licencees that no liquor can be sold at any licensed premises from 7am until 7pm on Election Day.

High cost of living among top issues for Sister Island voters

The rising cost of living, drug abuse and healthcare issues were among the top concerns for voters in the Cayman Brac East, and Little Cayman and Cayman Brac West constituencies.

Traffic remains top issue for Bodden Town voters

For this final article in the Voter Voices series, we check in with constituents in Bodden Town East and West to find out what issues are uppermost in their minds.

Elections Office: Voters without masks can cast ballots

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has said voters who opt not to wear masks will not be turned away from polling stations on 14 April.

Newlands, Savannah: Voters flag traffic, education as top issues

With electorates just short of 1,500 voters apiece, Newlands and Savannah rank among the larger constituencies in the Cayman Islands and both are being...

Osbourne Bodden addresses 2014 outburst, hits out at Health Minister’s ‘failings’

Candidate for Bodden Town East Osbourne Bodden joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues he is campaigning for in his district.

Panton, Saunders among contenders in leadership race

Wayne Panton and Chris Saunders have emerged as two of the most likely leaders of a coalition of independent candidates if government is defeated at the polls next week.

COVID-19 vaccination schedule 12-24 April

COVID-19 vaccination schedule 12-24 April for residents of the Cayman Islands
Savannah debate

Williams and Eden face off for the district debates

Political hopefuls Jeanna Williams and Malcolm Eden say visible representation and unemployment are the two main issues they believe are plaguing their constituents.
Progressives - Manifesto

Report card: Progressives manifesto

The Compass takes a closer look at what the Progressives promised and what it delivered from its ‘Keeping Cayman Strong 2017’ manifesto, which formed the basis for the policies and plans for the National Unity government’s four year term.

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