Miller escorted home by police

North Side incumbent Ezzard Miller planned a get-together at the home of a long-time supporter after results were announced in his district, regardless of who won.

But instead of celebrating his victory, he ended up requesting a police escort home because of threats from an opponent’s supporters.

Mr. Miller gave a Cayman Compass reporter his account of what happened.

The incident began when the district Returning Officer went out to the road in front of the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre, which had served as the district counting station. She announced Mr. Miller as the winner and he talked to media representatives. He thanked God for sustaining him through the campaign; his wife and two daughters “for enduring the campaign”; and the people who had placed their trust in him for another four years.

“Then it got a little bit out of hand,” he related. Some supporters of another candidate, Johany “Jay” Ebanks, were getting boisterous, Mr. Miller said.

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Candidates Edward Chisholm and Justin Ebanks “did the honorable and respectful thing,” Mr. Miller continued. “They came out with me and showed full respect for the democratic process.”

The veteran politician said Mr. Chisholm and Mr. Ebanks were on either side of him and when he was announced as the winner, he raised their arms with his. Their supporters greeted him and congratulated him also, he reported.

Jay Ebanks, who did not come out with him, did shake his hand inside the counting station, Mr. Miller said. Outside, Jay Ebanks’s supporters started threatening that Mr. Miller would not be allowed to drive through the crowd.

“I know they were disappointed [Mr. Ebanks placed second, with 22 votes fewer than Mr. Miller], but that’s not the way to show respect for the process,” Mr. Miller declared.

Rather than challenge them, he said he walked back to the civic center and asked for a police escort home.

“I thank the officers for their prompt and professional response,” he said. Fortunately, by that stage the majority of the crowd had dispersed, he said.

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