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Unsuccessful MPs weigh their political futures

For former West Bay Central MP Capt. Eugene Ebanks, his defeat at the polls signalled the end of his political career, and a broader change in Cayman’s political landscape. A veteran politician, Ebanks had previously won five consecutive elections. Now he is calling it a day.
DoE CPA sumbmission

Central Planning Authority denies Dart helipad application

The Central Planning Authority has denied an application by Arboretum Services Ltd., a company connected to Dart, to construct a helipad in North Side.

North Side candidates divided on working with McKeeva Bush

Candidates vying for the North Side constituency provided mixed views about whether they would work with West Bay West MP McKeeva Bush if he is re-elected to Parliament.

Crosstalk debate: North Side candidates face off

Candidates for North Side Ezzard Miller, Johany Ebanks, Justin Ebanks and Debra Broderick join host Barrie Quappe to debate the issues affecting their district.

Miller targets premiership as three independents vie for NS seat

Incumbent North Side MP Ezzard Miller has told the Compass he has Cayman's top job in his sights.

Public Accounts Committee calls for OfReg chairman to be removed

The Public Accounts Committee has recommended that the chairman of utility regulator OfReg, Linford Pierson, should be replaced.

Miller to speak at Jamaica’s post-election seminar

North Side lawmaker Ezzard Miller is set to speak on Wednesday to new and veteran Jamaican legislators as part of that country's post-election seminar.

Miller: Anglin legal challenge exercise in futility

Independent opposition member Ezzard Miller has said the planned legal challenge against the governor’s use of his reserved powers to enact the Civil Partnership Law is an 'exercise in futility'.

Premier ‘disillusioned’ as bill ends in defeat

The Domestic Partnership Bill’s defeat in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday may have shown a divided legislature, but Finance Minister Roy McTaggart said that is where the division ends.

Pierson comments struck from PAC record

The Public Accounts Committee has voted to strike from the record statements made by OfReg Chairman Linford Pierson questioning the accuracy of the auditor general’s report into the operations of the regulator.

OfReg executives grilled on fuel prices, broadband quality

OfReg’s ICT executive Alee Fa’amoe has said, based the regulator's current operational trajectory, it will be not be able to meet its mandate of getting better prices at the gas pump nor fasater internet speeds and prices within the next year or two.

OfReg energy boss: Electricity bills are dropping

Consumers using 1,000 kilowatts monthly have been paying less on their electricity bills since March, OfReg’s executive director of energy and utilities, Gregg Anderson, has said.

OfReg chairman takes aim at audit report

OfReg chairman Linford Pierson went on the offensive Wednesday, taking aim at the auditor general’s performance audit into the local regulator and questioning the report’s validity and its objectivity.
The George Town landfill, also known as Mount Trashmore

Half a century of Mount Trashmore

What started as an informal dump site in the 1960s has now become a protagonist in day-to-day life in Cayman. The Compass compiled a short history of waste management in Grand Cayman to explain how the island got to this point.

Opposition parts way with Kenneth Bryan

The official Opposition and George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan have parted ways.

Miller: No-confidence motion not going away

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller has said even though he was unable to secure the numbers to trigger a special sitting of the Legislative Assembly, he is not giving up on his push for a no-confidence vote in House Speaker McKeeva Bush.

Opposition calls on government to convene House sitting

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller is calling on the Opposition to join him in convening a special sitting of the Legislative Assembly to debate a motion of no confidence in House Speaker McKeeva Bush.

Miller calls for no-confidence motion in House Speaker

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller has called on fellow lawmakers to convene a special sitting of the Legislative Assembly to debate a motion of no confidence House Speaker McKeeva Bush.

Miller maintains call for Bush to resign

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller maintains his call for House Speaker McKeeva Bush to resign, saying there is no legal provision for his "leave of absence."

More Caymanians opt for private schools

Enrolment in private schools is increasing as more local parents opt out of placing their children in Cayman’s government-run public schools, the Public Accounts Committee heard last week.

Traffic the ‘number one issue’ for many legislators

For politicians anywhere east of George Town, traffic is the number one issue on the minds of their constituents.

Year in review: Leadership changes, defections and a new political party

In 2019, Cayman’s political landscape saw a shifting of tides in the Legislative Assembly that not only spurred changes across the aisle of the chamber, but altered Cayman's relationship with the UK.

Cayman joins public finance discussions

Local leaders tasked with oversight of Cayman’s public finances and governance structure joined international counterparts this week in the UK.

Constitutional changes expected to be confirmed by Privy Council in February

Cayman's constitutional changes order are expected to be confirmed by the Privy Council in February 2020, according to a statement from the Premier's Office.

Colours Cayman: Deportation comments in LA ‘blatant and gross abuse of power’

Colours Cayman, the islands’ advocacy group for the LGBTQ community, responded to comments made in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, 22 Nov., that took aim at lawyer Leonardo Raznovich.

MLAs urged to get behind constitutional changes

Legislators urged to support the United Kingdom’s package of constitutional changes.

Miller: Anti-corruption agencies ‘under-resourced’

Public Accounts Committee chairman Ezzard Miller said local corruption-fighting agencies lack the necessary resources to perform their roles properly.

Miller supports civil partnerships

Former Opposition leader Ezzard Miller has given his backing to domestic partnerships legislation following the Court of Appeal’s ruling on same-sex marriage. The appeals panel...

Bernie Bush joins official Opposition

Independent legislator Bernie Bush has joined the formal Opposition led by East End MLA Arden McLean. It comes a week after he resigned from the government backbench.

Referendum Bill debate continues

Debate on the Referendum Bill continued in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday with MLAs outlining their position on the $200 million cruise berthing and cargo facility.

Customs comes under the microscope

Operations at Cayman’s new Customs and Border Control department will be examined Wednesday as the Public Accounts Committee resumes hearings.

Miller calls for enacting boating regulations

With a boating accident that killed two men earlier this month still fresh in people’s minds, North Side Legislative Assembly Member Ezzard Miller is hoping the government will finally act on legislation passed in 2015 calling for greater regulation on maritime vessels.

Opposition criticises government’s handling of cruise port petition

Opposition members on Wednesday described the government’s efforts to allow people to “unverify” their names on a petition calling for a referendum on the proposed cruise port as “dastardly” and undemocratic.

Call for pepper spray to be legalised

Cayman Islands residents should be allowed to carry pepper spray or similar weapons for self-defence, according to North Side legislator Ezzard Miller.

Saunders raises concerns about Constitution changes

MLA Chris Saunders says he’s concerned that some of his fellow members are making it too easy to make changes to the Cayman Islands Constitution.

Adventist Church celebrates 125th anniversary in Cayman

The local Adventist Church is celebrating its 125th anniversary in the Cayman Islands this year.

Miller remains as Public Accounts Committee chairman

Former Leader of the Opposition Ezzard Miller is returning as chairman of the Public Accounts Committee following an afternoon of political wrangling in the Legislative Assembly on Friday, during which the Opposition accused the government of attempting to stack the PAC with its members.

The issue explained: How the referendum process works

Here, we look at the key questions around the referendum process, and how they were answered.

Kenneth Bryan rejoins the opposition

George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan has rejoined the ranks of the official opposition. Bryan left the opposition alliance nearly two years ago. The group’s leaders said his return is expected to strengthen and diversify the group.

Miller launching new political party

Former Opposition leader Ezzard Miller is pushing ahead with plans for a new political party which he hopes to lead into the next election.

‘Battle-ready’ McLean named new opposition leader

East End MLA Arden McLean was sworn in as the new Leader of the Opposition by Governor Martyn Roper on Thursday, replacing North Side MLA Ezzard Miller who resigned in early May.

Legislators clap back at premier’s ‘insult’

Opposition legislators issued a response Thursday to remarks made by Premier Alden McLaughlin about how groups of Independent candidates are not equipped to run the country.

EDITORIAL – No harm in an independent opposition

Whether they do so by aligning themselves with the Premier or with the Opposition, there is no reason independent candidates cannot work together to do the job.

Miller resigns as leader of PAC

About a week after resigning from his role as the official Opposition leader, MLA Ezzard Miller has also resigned from the chairmanship of the Public Accounts Committee.

Can HIV-positive people obtain work permits? Government tight-lipped on matter

There has been a long-standing policy in Cayman of denying work permits to people with HIV, but that policy may have changed behind closed doors at some point within the last several years.

Premier: Independents not fit to lead

Premier Alden McLaughlin has highlighted division among the Opposition ranks as evidence that groups of Independent candidates are not equipped to run the country.

Miller resigns as Opposition leader

North Side legislator Ezzard Miller has announced his resignation from the role of official Opposition leader.Support for Miller among the collection of independent backbench legislators had crumbled in recent months.

EDITORIAL – Amnesty offers a clean slate for vehicle owners

Sometimes the best way out of a seemingly hopeless mess is to simply hit ‘reset’ and start over – provided, of course, that there is a plan to ensure the situation does not again get out of hand.

Miller objects to vehicle license amnesty

Leader of the Opposition Ezzard Miller is objecting to the government’s six-month amnesty for owners of unlicensed vehicles, which begins Monday.

Miller holds on to Opposition leadership

Ezzard Miller officially remains Leader of the Opposition, despite a letter from all four members of the political group requesting he does not speak on their behalf.

Government earmarks $2 million for Bodden Town church

It will take another $2.04 million on top of the $2.5 million already spent for government to complete the Church of God Bodden Town, the large concrete structure on Shamrock Road that is intended to serve as a multipurpose hall and hurricane shelter.

Same-sex marriage: What your representative said on the issue

Cayman Islands legislators unanimously backed a private members’ motion last week supporting government to appeal the decision by the chief justice that legalised same-sex marriage to the “full extent of the appeals process”.

EDITORIAL – Talking about transportation solutions

In our view, government should begin with low-hanging fruit – such as finding ways to optimise our patchwork public transportation system.

Miller vows to continue as Opposition leader

North Side legislator Ezzard Miller claims he still commands majority support on the Opposition benches and will remain as leader.

Miller faces calls to step down

Opposition leader Ezzard Miller is facing calls for him to step down from his role amid division among the political group.

Alva Suckoo steps down as deputy opposition leader

Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo has stepped down as deputy leader of the official Opposition. Suckoo confirmed his resignation Friday, saying he would remain part of the Opposition group.

Miller: Central Planning Authority should vote in public

Deliberations and votes by the Central Planning Authority should be held in public, Public Accounts Committee Chairman Ezzard Miller said at a meeting of his committee on Wednesday.

Miller to attend public accounts forum

Public Accounts Committee Chairman Ezzard Miller is this week attending the Oversight of Public Finances Forum, a gathering of accounts committee officials from the United Kingdom and its various overseas territories and Crown dependencies.

Miller says Cayman not ready for independence

Opposition leader Ezzard Miller says he shares Premier Alden McLaughlin’s concerns about potential legislation that would grant British citizens the right to vote and hold elected office in its overseas territories, including the Cayman Islands. But Mr. Miller he does not think the threat of leaving British protection is a good strategy.

Letter: Miller expands on CIAA concerns

For the record, for you as editor and the public, my press release never at any time stated or implied that the CIAA should not recruit from overseas, but it did ask for a review of the recruitment plan, and that the CIAA consider replacing the terms being offered with more temporary arrangements that would prioritize training and professional development of Caymanians.

EDITORIAL – Miller ‘flying blind’ in complaints about CIAA recruitment

If Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller had to undergo emergency life-saving surgery, would he stop the doctors from scrubbing up, in order to check their immigration status? If he were being robbed, would he turn police away if he thought the responding officers were not from the Cayman Islands?

CIAA responds to Miller’s criticisms of recruiting

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority has responded to “deep concern” expressed by Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller that the CIAA is recruiting too many air-traffic controllers from overseas, and may be blocking future management opportunities for Caymanians as a result.

Opposition raises questions over cruise ship port financing

Opposition leader Ezzard Miller claims government’s negotiations with cruise lines to finance the new port have compromised the entire procurement process for the controversial project.

Opposition highlights concerns over three-year port construction

Opposition leader Ezzard Miller has called for government to explain how it plans to handle cruise ship passengers during an anticipated three-year construction period for the new port.

Government: Long-dormant anti-corruption law a ‘priority’

Government officials promised Wednesday in a Public Accounts Committee hearing that government will soon reintroduce the long-dormant Standards of Public Life Law, a piece of legislation designed to prevent conflicts of interests in government.

Plans for Cayman kai spark debate over beach access

Plans for public toilets and a parking lot at a small public beach in Cayman Kai have been approved despite strong objections from neighboring residents.

Opposition plans ‘alliance’ ahead of 2021 election

The coalition of independents led by Leader of the Opposition Ezzard Miller plans to form a political group that will run a candidate in every constituency at the next general election.

New Year’s message from the Leader of the Opposition

As we count down to the new year, we once again have an opportunity to reflect on the past year and to recommit ourselves to goodwill, harmony and personal and shared responsibilities for the year ahead.

Governor and family enjoy festive party

The governor and his wife enjoyed a festive Christmas party at Government House last week at their last official function of 2018.

Opposition leader’s Christmas message

From my family to yours, and from all the Members of the Opposition and their families, a merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Gas prices fall, but not as much as in U.S.

Gas prices reached a four-month low as of Monday, falling to an average of $4.76 per gallon, according to the latest data from the Utility Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg).

Cayman Airways new planes could add $10M to annual costs

Government is likely to have to inject significantly more cash into Cayman Airways to help fund the cost of its new fleet of aircraft at a time when the airline is suffering from falling revenues, legislators heard Thursday.

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