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Cayman delegation to meet UK officials on constitutional reform

Opposition politicians and government will present a united front in talks with British officials over proposed changes to Cayman’s constitution designed to protect the island’s right to make its own decisions on domestic matters.

Governor meets with Opposition

Cayman’s new governor, Martyn Roper, meets with members of the Opposition on Tuesday, his second day on the job.

DEH director’s settlement remains under wraps

Government has declined to reveal the details of any settlement with former director of Department of Environmental Health Roydell Carter after an open records request from the Cayman Compass.

EDITORIAL – Communication is key to an effective Opposition

In a parliamentary system, the Opposition provides a critical check on the ruling Government’s power – primarily by asking tough questions and providing dissenting viewpoints.
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Opposition reacts to governor’s removal

The FCO disclosed that Mr. Choudhury would be continuing in a diplomatic post in London, from which, not incidentally, we can only infer that the “allegations” against the Governor could not have risen to any very serious level.
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EDITORIAL – An easy call: Deal directly with the media

Decades ago, the editor in chief of “D” (Dallas) Magazine, who now holds the same title at the Compass (talk about a career stall), answered the phone at his desk. He regretted it immediately.

Government rejects calls for port referendum

Government rejected calls from the Opposition for a referendum to be held on the controversial cruise pier project after a lengthy debate in the Legislative Assembly that ran into the early hours of Friday morning.

Motion on cruise berth referendum defeated

A private member's motion calling for a referendum on the controversial cruise berthing project was voted down by government members after a lengthy debate in the Legislative Assembly.

Miller: Government faking integrity legislation

The Cayman Islands government’s efforts to maintain the integrity of public projects and hiring processes are “being ignored” by top-ranking officials, Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller said Thursday in a lengthy public statement.

Light agenda for Cayman Brac Legislative Assembly session

A relatively light legislative agenda is expected when Cayman Islands lawmakers head to the Brac next week.

10 weeks pass, no word on governor

Wednesday, Aug. 22, marked 10 weeks since the announcement of the sudden, temporary removal of Governor Anwar Choudhury from his post without further explanation from U.K. officials.

Opposition calls for referendum on cruise project

Opposition politicians are calling for government to hold a public referendum on whether to proceed with the cruise pier project in George Town harbor.

EDITORIAL – Officials should ‘play ball’ with North Side parents

We support the community’s spirit and empathize with their impatience. There is no question that the students and community will benefit from the new football field and track, yet – thanks to government inaction – this relatively simple project has lain dormant for years.

PTA charges ahead with North Side school playfield

Parents of students at the Edna M. Moyle Primary School met with members of the PTA executive committee on Thursday night to hear about plans for developing the school playing field after MLA Ezzard Miller complained government had not earmarked any funds for the project.

Government officials express support for education changes

The Legislative Assembly appears to be lining up behind changes in the Cayman Islands education system being proposed by the Education Council and to tap into the budget surplus to pay for those changes. Both government and opposition leaders are expressing support.

UK Lord ‘hopes’ Governor Choudhury probe done soon

A litany of concerns related to the ongoing investigation involving absent Cayman Islands Governor Anwar Choudhury made public last week were not addressed in responses made by senior U.K. and Cayman officials Thursday.

Opposition questions ‘fairness’ of Gov. Choudhury investigation

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller has questioned whether the public spokesperson in the investigation of withdrawn Governor Anwar Choudhury – Head of the Governor’s Office Matthew Forbes – is the same person who filed complaints against the absent governor.

Memorandum from Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller

To His Excellency the Acting Governor: This is regarding your letter to editors of July 26, 2018, a copy of which the Governor’s Office emailed to me on the same date.

EDITORIAL – Let’s get the kids of North Side their ‘Field of Dreams’

It’s impossible to say with precision when the relationship between North Side representative Ezzard Miller and this newspaper began to deteriorate.

Miller: Government ‘making excuses’ on school playfield

Cayman’s opposition leader blasted the civil service Tuesday for “making up excuses” on a proposal to put artificial turf down on a section of field outside the North Side primary school – a project MLA Ezzard Miller said school parents and his constituent office have been working on for four years.

House Speaker blocks attempt to bring perjury charge against civil servant

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush on Wednesday blocked an attempt by political opposition members to bring a contempt of parliament action against government chief officer Jennifer Ahearn.

Letter – Celebrate values like courage and fairness

I saw Kirkland Nixon toe-to-toe with captains of industry and high-priced attorneys on fundamental principles, and on each occasion principle to him was like bedrock.

Manderson: Chief officer did not intentionally deceive PAC

Acting Governor Franz Manderson said there is “no basis” for taking disciplinary action against Health Ministry Chief Officer Jennifer Ahearn for allegedly giving a false answer to the Public Accounts Committee last October.

Premier: UK orders on beneficial ownership will be fought in Cayman

If the United Kingdom decides to mandate a public beneficial ownership registry for Cayman companies, the Mother Country will face a legal challenge in the Cayman Islands courts, Premier Alden McLaughlin said Wednesday.
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Government telecom licensees not paying fees

Some government entities that are licensed to provide telecommunications services by the territory’s regulator are not paying their annual licensing fees, a senior official at the agency confirmed Wednesday.
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Legal Department blames Operation Tempura for $2.7M consultant bill

The litigious fallout from the ill-fated Operation Tempura corruption probe, which ended nearly a decade ago, was blamed last week for running up a $2.7 million consultant’s bill within government’s Portfolio of Legal Affairs.

Public’s patience wears thin with erratic garbage pickups

Dumpsters at the George Town landfill for people to drop off their own household waste overflowed into the car park Monday.

Governor Choudhury explores Grand Cayman

One advantage to being the governor in a tourist destination is getting to play the tourist.

Investment body dormant for 15 years

A government committee that has the job of reviewing capital projects and making sure government can afford them has been dormant for some 15 years, according to statements made during Thursday’s hearing of the Public Accounts Committee.

EDITORIAL – Two leaders, opposing sides, shared priorities

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller may sit on opposite sides of the Legislative Assembly, but in their New Year’s messages, they appeared to be singing from the same hymnal.

Lawmakers ask for review of stock exchange hire

Opposition lawmakers raised questions Tuesday regarding the hiring process for newly appointed Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Chief Executive Officer Marco Archer, with some politicians opining that the legal process mandated for the appointment did not appear to have been followed.

Opposition: Combine poor relief, seamen’s and veterans payments

The Cayman Islands government plans to spend more than $36 million on poor relief, as well as stipends to former seamen and veterans over the next two budgets.

Third lawmaker backs limit on Caymanian status grants

Deputy Opposition Leader Alva Suckoo said Thursday that government should “strongly consider” limiting grants of Caymanian status only to individuals who were Caymanian by descent or who had received that status through marriage.

Speaker questions PAC role

Speaker of the House McKeeva Bush noted a “concern” Wednesday that the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee had overstepped its role in recent months, wading into areas such as employment within the government service.

Opposition: Budget does little for average Caymanian

The Cayman Islands government’s 2018 and 2019 budget proposals continue the “regressive” policies of the Progressives party and do little to assist the average income or poorer Caymanian worker, Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller said Wednesday.

EDITORIAL – John Gray campus must not wait until 2021 for completion

Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly has said completing the John Gray project is a priority. We trust that she, Education Councillor Barbara Conolly and Education Council Chairman Dan Scott will work to keep the John Gray project moving forward until it is finally removed from the “to do list” and added to the government’s list of accomplishments.

‘Pay attention’ to land sales, MLAs warn

The Cayman Islands government is now in the process of selling off an estimated $38 million worth of what it considers surplus properties, opposition politicians said Wednesday.

Opposition: Make education a priority

Revelations that one Grand Cayman high school has a high percentage of special education needs children and that another may not finish construction for four years led opposition politicians on Wednesday to question government’s commitment to education.
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Community meeting called for Savannah and Newlands

Anthony Eden and Alva Suckoo, the Members of the Legislative Assembly for Savannah and Newlands, respectively, have invited their constituents to a community meeting that will be held Wednesday, Oct. 11, at 7 p.m. in the Savannah Primary School Hall.

Overhaul of welfare system proposed

Welfare programs should be integrated in a “one stop shop” to provide swifter access to assistance to those in need and better value for money to government, according to an outline business case for reform of the beleaguered system.

$180,000 report suggests two choices for social welfare

A $180,000 study completed in March as part of an ongoing review of Cayman’s troubled social services network looked at the structure of those services rather than how specific services to the poor and indigent might be improved, according to testimony in the Legislative Assembly’s PAC.

Opposition proposes committee to review healthcare

Not a single recommendation from the much-ballyhooed National Health Policy & Strategic Plan for the Cayman Islands 2012-2017 has been carried out over the last four years, according to Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller.

Premier outlines capital projects, policies on opening day of LA

With the next four years being his last term as the leader of the territory’s government, Premier Alden McLaughlin said on Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly that he “will be leaving everyone on the field” to ensure that his administration delivers on its promises to the Cayman Islands.

Out of the shadows: Bryan parts with opposition

George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan said he has been “pushed out” of an alliance with opposition leaders and now will be independent of any voting blocs in the Legislative Assembly. The first sitting of the 2017-18 legislative session begins Wednesday, Aug. 23

MLAs question need for government land sales

The Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee last week questioned government’s reasons for selling off Crown-owned properties determined to be “surplus” in a five-year-old review by the Lands and Survey Department.

Government to redraw ‘willy-nilly’ national development plans

The “willy-nilly” development of Grand Cayman properties and roads – as some lawmakers described it Wednesday – may soon end as government redraws zoning plans for the first time in more than 20 years.

EDITORIAL-Auditor General: A watchdog that could use more ‘bite’

Auditors do not win popularity contests. And yet, we must confess we are inordinately fond of auditors and, in particular, Auditors General such as Ms. Winspear, who do, if not God’s work, certainly ours, meaning the people of the Cayman Islands.

Government fiscal policy plans due next month

The Cayman Islands government will announce its budget plans in the midst of hurricane season this year, changing to a two-year budget cycle approved by the previous administration.

Opposition firms up roles in shadow government

The members of the Legislative Assembly who are not part of the governing coalition announced Tuesday that they have formally organized in opposition.

Independent legislators look to join new ‘unity’ government

The Cayman Islands new coalition government will have at least 13 members, possibly as many as 15, by the time it is sworn in Wednesday morning.

EDITORIAL – One Man, One Vote: Lessons learned from the election

Instead of making Cayman’s districts smaller, more numerous and more inward-facing, officials should have done the opposite: Make the entirety of the Cayman Islands one single district, and allow residents to vote on the same slate of candidates.

Independents’ day: Coalition government looms

A disparate group of independent candidates triumphed in Wednesday’s general election, but they did not manage to win a 10-seat majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Miller escorted home by police

North Side incumbent Ezzard Miller planned a get-together at the home of a long-time supporter after results were announced in his district, regardless of who won.

Police, employment issues focus of first national debate

Police accountability and crime opened the first Cayman Islands national debate ahead of the May 24 election.

North Side candidates spar over education

The state of Cayman’s public education system took center stage in a debate among three of the four general election candidates for North Side...

Incumbent Miller facing ‘approachability’ issues

After two overwhelming victories in 2009 and 2013 in North Side district elections, independent incumbent Ezzard Miller is facing multiple challengers this year who appear to be questioning his ability to work with other elected politicians.

Election round-up: An alliance … of sorts

The Cayman Compass reported last month that a new political group, the “Cayman People’s Alliance” had been formed ahead of the May general election.

Independent candidates forming pact

Some independent candidates for the May 24 General Elections are in the process of forming a Cayman People’s Alliance. The term was made public when Arden McLean referred to it during his campaign launch in East End on Wednesday night.

More independents, more women in 2017 general election

The 2017 general election has brought out more independent candidates and more female candidates than its predecessor in 2013, according to figures reviewed by the Cayman Compass.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

Election: Tibbetts, Connolly out, Eden back in

One long Cayman Islands political career came to an end Monday night, while another lengthy one continued and a fledgling career was seemingly cut short, as candidate nomination day loomed for general election candidates.
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Miller defends ‘swamp’ road proposal

North Side legislator Ezzard Miller defended plans for three new roads in the district and accused the National Conservation Council of being “out of touch” for requesting an environmental impact assessment before the roads could be gazetted.

Bodden Town-Rum Point road proposed through mangroves

A new road that would cut through the Central Mangrove Wetlands to link Bodden Town to Rum Point is under consideration.

Cayman Finance defends law firms, says MLAs threaten financial sector

Cayman Finance, the primary organization representing the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands, has raised concerns that allegations from independent legislators of potentially criminal wrongdoing by the island’s law firms could do significant damage to the territory’s core industry.

Health Law amendments intend to close insurance loopholes

Proposed amendments to the Health Insurance Law aim to ensure dental coverage is honored for insurance card holders and to prevent healthcare insurers from denying individual coverage. Speaking before the Legislative Assembly on Feb. 24, Premier Alden McLaughlin said the amendments seek to take immediate action to strengthen comprehensive revisions from 2013.

Miller, Ezzard

Ezzard Miller is an independent candidate for North Side.

‘Keyholders only’: Battle over beach access paths

From a busy stretch of West Bay Road, the distinctive beach access sign directs tourists and residents down an overgrown but serviceable path, in the direction of the ocean. It curves through several condominium developments for some 500 feet before traversing a quiet residential street.

Premier hopes to pass lawyers bill in final legislative meeting

The Progressives-led government will try again to pass an updated Legal Practitioners Bill in what is likely to be the government’s final Legislative Assembly meeting of its current term, Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed last week.

After vote legalizes medicinal cannabis oil, supply becomes the issue

A legislative vote Monday has cleared the way for cannabis oil to be prescribed in the Cayman Islands for cancer patients and other medical issues if the government can find a legal supplier. Lawmakers approved a key second reading of a bill that will amend the Misuse of Drugs Law to allow the substance, derived from the marijuana plant, to be prescribed by local doctors and carried by Cayman pharmacies.

EDITORIAL – ‘Super ombudsman’: Complaints from the complaints committee

The en masse resignations of four lawmakers (Bernie Bush, Eugene Ebanks, Ezzard Miller and Alva Suckoo) from the Complaints Commissioner committee are important not so much from a “practical” standpoint as from a “political” one.

Same-sex marriage: In their own words

Lawmakers spent most of the day Oct. 6 debating whether the Cayman Islands should hold a public referendum on allowing same-sex marriage in the territory. The referendum motion failed by a 9-to-8 party line vote. Below are excerpts from the debate from each legislator who spoke in the debate.

Lawmakers resign in protest from ombudsman committee

Four Cayman Islands MLAs resigned Wednesday from the legislative committee that oversees the Complaints Commissioner’s Office in protest of the government’s plan to combine that office with other government watchdog entities. North Side independent MLA Ezzard Miller confirmed he had sent his resignation to the Speaker of the House on Wednesday.

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