The Cayman Islands government is now in the process of selling off an estimated $38 million worth of what it considers surplus properties, opposition politicians said Wednesday.

“Pay close attention to that, it’s happening now,” Newlands MLA Alva Suckoo told a group of Bodden Town residents at a public meeting Wednesday night.

The list of properties available for sale was made public after a Public Accounts Committee hearing in August and Mr. Suckoo said it has been distributed to local residents. He urged anyone in the districts where the public lands are being sold to make their voices heard if they disputed the sales of those properties.

“This has been lingering for a while, but now it’s happening; they’re selling the land,” Mr. Suckoo said.

The opposition members have previously questioned why government is selling any of those properties with the public sector now in a surplus cash position and Grand Cayman’s land values on the increase.

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“I cannot get my mind around [the] fact that government wishes to liquidate assets that are not costing them any money to maintain, but in fact are gaining in value daily,” accounts committee chairman Ezzard Miller said. “Once it’s sold, it’s sold.”

Bodden Town West MLA Chris Saunders said he was more concerned about the process government was using to determine which lands were sold, and to whom.

“We need to go out and engage the people, not a group of people that are sitting down and trying to push their will through,” Mr. Saunders said.

Lands and Survey Department Director Rupert Vasquez said, following recommendations in the Ernst & Young consultants report in 2014, his department took land sale proposals to the Progressives-led government caucus which narrowed the initial list. This was objected to at the time by Mr. Miller, the North Side MLA, who said a political caucus was not a legally recognized body that had decision-making authority within government.

After the caucus review, Mr. Vasquez said the National Conservation Council also requested that certain properties be removed from the list.

MLAs were then given a revised list of potential properties for sale in January 2017. According to Mr. Vasquez, if any MLA objected to the sale of property within their representative district, it was removed from the list. There were also objections to certain property sales by the National Roads Authority and the Water Authority – Cayman for various reasons.

After taking into account all those factors, a revised Crown property sale list went to Cabinet in May 2017. The newly elected government still has to make some decisions to clarify what properties will be made available for sale, Mr. Vasquez said.

Both Mr. Miller and Mr. Saunders generally objected to the process Mr. Vasquez described, saying it is not transparent. Mr. Miller said that while MLAs received a list of properties for sale in their own districts, they were unaware of any properties made available elsewhere. He also said members of the public had no idea what the government was discussing.

Moreover, the MLAs noted, in the absence of an updated national development plan for the islands, it seemed difficult for government to state precisely what properties might be considered surplus.

“While it might appear as useless property today, 10 or 15 years from now, it might be the perfect place to put a small park in a community that has development,” Mr. Miller said.

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  1. Is this still the position with Government selling Government property ? I think that it had to be approved in the LA before the sale of any Government land . I think this was how it was years ago. If not, it should be that all Legislative Members be aware of all details of the sale of any Government property . NO one member should be allowed to sell any government property without the approval of the other 18 members .
    The today’s Politicians need to remember that there is a future for government land and if they sell out to one developer you will have one man owning most of the Islands. That is a bad thing . Remember what happened in Haiti with PAPA DOC . We need to hang on to Government land that will become a part of the Islands future .

    This is the topic that every man, woman ,boy and girl need to be up in arms about and make sure that all politicians are held responsible for the future of any Government land .