Election round-up: An alliance … of sorts

During public meetings held last fall, a political group including North Side MLA Ezzard Miller, Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden, then-George Town MLA Winston Connolly, Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo, East End MLA Arden McLean and Gilbert McLean (standing) discussed the plans of the Progressvies government with attending residents. – Photo: Brent Fuller

The Cayman Compass reported last month that a new political group, the “Cayman People’s Alliance” had been formed ahead of the May general election.

However, it seems that one member associated with that group is now seeking to put some distance between himself and the alliance.

Bodden Town West candidate Gilbert McLean wrote to the Compass earlier this month seeking to clarify his position as a candidate.

“On Feb. 25, 2017, I announced that I would contest the general elections in May as an independent candidate,” Mr. McLean said. “This continues to be the situation with my candidacy. Going forward, unless or until I state otherwise, my status as a candidate remains unchanged and I have not agreed a new and formalized position in, or with, any group.”

Mr. McLean said it was “no secret” that he has been associated with independent MLAs Arden McLean, Ezzard Miller, Alva Suckoo, Anthony Eden and Winston Connolly over the past year. In fact, in the statement announcing his candidacy, Gilbert McLean confirmed that he and Newlands district candidate Mr. Suckoo were running mates in Bodden Town.

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Mr. Suckoo has been touted as the deputy leader of the new people’s alliance group, with Arden McLean as its leader.

During a political event launching Arden McLean’s campaign in East End earlier this month, Gilbert McLean took the stage with several candidates backing Arden McLean’s leadership. The next night, political literature distributed at Mr. Miller’s campaign launch in North Side made reference to the “alliance” group.

Gilbert McLean did not respond to Compass questions seeking further clarification on his status with the new group.

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Voters list

Public hearings of voters objections and claims wrapped up Friday in George Town and the Elections Office was expected to release the final voters list ahead of the May 24 election on Tuesday, April 11.

Those numbers had not been released as of press time Tuesday.

The release of the final voters list was delayed by about 10 days from its initial April 1 date, largely because of some technical legal issues.

During the hearings last week, a number of prominent Cayman Islands voters were struck off the list, mostly due to their departures from the jurisdiction some years ago. However, a number of new voters or returning voters were also added on.

Before the voter challenges hearings, the Elections Office had 21,465 Caymanians registered to vote on May 24 – the highest number of voters the British Overseas Territory has ever seen.

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