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Chris Saunders

Saunders names possible coalition partners

Bodden Town legislator Chris Saunders named a string of candidates he is supporting on election night and expressed confidence that a strong coalition of independents will form the next government.

Saunders objects to single national count for referendum

Bodden Town West MLA Chris Saunders has raised the red flag on government’s proposal to have one national counting of ballots on Referendum Day. However, the Premier's Office said Government has carefully considered the matter and has determined that it is in the national interest to provide a national count for a referendum on a matter of national importance.

Saunders raises concerns about Constitution changes

MLA Chris Saunders says he’s concerned that some of his fellow members are making it too easy to make changes to the Cayman Islands Constitution.

Lawmakers skeptical of CarePay ‘fixes’

Efforts to prevent a reoccurrence of bureaucratic bungles that led Cayman Islands taxpayers to spend US$1.8 million for nothing during the CarePay contract debacle drew skepticism from lawmakers who noted there had been little accountability in the wake of the disastrous deal’s end.
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Election candidates split over immigration restructure

Three candidates in Wednesday’s general election took deeply divided positions on immigration reform, with some favoring a work permit moratorium and others seeking to take the granting of work permits away from the Immigration Department entirely.

Education, employment hot topics at Bodden Town West forum

Education and employment were hot topics Friday at the James Manoah Bodden Civic Center for candidates running in Bodden Town West.

Tourism and future of development at issue in national debate

Tourism and the future of development in the Cayman Islands became a major focus of discussion on Tuesday night, when five candidates took the stage in the second national debate leading up to the May 24 elections.

Election round-up: An alliance … of sorts

The Cayman Compass reported last month that a new political group, the “Cayman People’s Alliance” had been formed ahead of the May general election.

Bodden Robinson, Maxine

Maxine Bodden Robinson is a Progressives candidate for Bodden Town West.

Berry, Stafford

Stafford Berry is a Cayman Democratic Party candidate for Bodden Town West.

Saunders, Chris

Chris Saunders is an independent candidate for Bodden Town West.

McLean, Gilbert

Gilbert McLean is an independent candidate for Bodden Town West.

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