McLean, Gilbert

Name: Gilbert McLean

District: Bodden Town West

Affiliation: Independent

Previous elected office experience: 1988-1996, 200-2005 (Minister of Health Services, Agriculture, District Administration, Aviation and Works)

Current profession: Retired



Crowded field facing off in Bodden Town

Cars jammed the sides of the main road from the public library to Cox Lumber as passing motorists honked their horns and shouted encouragement in the direction of two separate, competing events – announcing the political candidacies of election hopefuls Dwayne Seymour and Robert Bodden.

Attempt to regulate nonprofits a ‘disaster,’ MLA says

Legislation that would require any charitable organization taking in more than $250,000 per year to register with the government will be a “disaster,” local residents were told during a public meeting in East End district Monday night.

Hospital immunity clause approved for repeal

A controversial section of the Health Services Authority Law giving immunity from prosecution to negligent doctors and nurses was approved for repeal Friday, after a unanimous vote in the Legislative Assembly.

Lawmakers to debate removal of hospital immunity clause

Government will consider a bill to amend the Health Services Authority Law to repeal a controversial clause giving blanket immunity from lawsuits to its staff.

Legislature debated hospital’s legal ‘immunity’ in 2004

Amendments to the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority Law that a local judge said provides authority employees with blanket immunity except in cases where “bad faith” is proven, were fully debated more than a decade ago with the ruling government supporting the legal change over the protests of then-opposition members, the Cayman Compass can reveal.

McLean: Medical staff were never intended to have legal immunity

Negligent medics were never intended to have blanket protection from being sued if a patient is killed or injured as a result of their mistakes, according to the health minister responsible for the legislation.