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Crosstalk debate: East End candidates face off

East End candidates Arden McLean, McCleary Frederick and Isaac Rankine join Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to debate the issues affecting their district.

Arden McLean: Call for early elections ‘disgusting’

Hours after Premier Alden McLaughlin called for early elections, Opposition Leader and East End MP Arden McLean came out fighting during the Cayman Compass’ The Resh Hour. 

McLean calls on premier to remove Bush

Opposition Leader Arden McLean has called for House Speaker McKeeva Bush's removal from his post, likening Premier Alden McLaughlin's inaction on the matter to a "lack of integrity and cowardice."

Fishermen call for gov’t to buy land for market

Fishermen say they are disappointed in last week's vote against a private member’s motion in Parliament calling for the compulsory acquisition of a piece of land, along North Church Street, in George Town, which is being used as a fish market.

Suckoo: ‘There is no motion’ against premier

Cayman’s legislatures continued to distance themselves from rumours of a no-confidence motion against Premier Alden McLaughlin over the Domestic Partnership Bill.

Opposition requests governor’s emails with FCO

Opposition Leader Arden McLean has requested copies of emails between Governor Martyn Roper and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office following the governor's announced plans to push through the recently defeated Domestic Partnership Bill.

Premier ‘disillusioned’ as bill ends in defeat

The Domestic Partnership Bill’s defeat in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday may have shown a divided legislature, but Finance Minister Roy McTaggart said that is where the division ends.

East End retirement home project on hold

The eastern districts will have to wait a while longer for a new retirement home as Premier Alden McLaughlin said on Thursday that government will not be embarking on any new capital projects.

OfReg continues investigation of fuel prices

After the rapid decline of oil and fuel prices globally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March, retail gas prices have dropped by 58 cents per gallon on average. However, the regulator was not satisfied with the reduction of prices at the pumps.

Opposition and government air grievances ahead of LA session

Members of the opposition and the unity government clashed ahead of Monday’s meeting of the Legislative Assembly. Leader of the Opposition Arden McLean charged government with disregarding checks and balances in previous sittings and putting Cayman “in danger of devolving into a dictatorship”.

Opposition parts way with Kenneth Bryan

The official Opposition and George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan have parted ways.

Quake aftermath: Lawmakers praise building code

Cayman’s strict building code came in for high praise from lawmakers after minimal damage was recorded following last Tuesday’s earthquake.

Opposition leader rejects ‘trickle-down economics’

Leader of the Opposition Arden McLean, in his New Year message, said he and his colleagues reject what he described as the government’s belief in “trickle-down economics”.

Year in review: Leadership changes, defections and a new political party

In 2019, Cayman’s political landscape saw a shifting of tides in the Legislative Assembly that not only spurred changes across the aisle of the chamber, but altered Cayman's relationship with the UK.

Constitutional changes expected to be confirmed by Privy Council in February

Cayman's constitutional changes order are expected to be confirmed by the Privy Council in February 2020, according to a statement from the Premier's Office.

Breaking: Lawmakers agree on constitutional changes

Legislators have accepted the United Kingdom’s constitutional changes proposal.

Bernie Bush joins official Opposition

Independent legislator Bernie Bush has joined the formal Opposition led by East End MLA Arden McLean. It comes a week after he resigned from the government backbench.

Lawmakers underscore need for more modern Elections Law

Revision of Cayman’s Elections Law was discussed on Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly. Opposition Leader Arden McLean raised the issue during committee stage of the review of the Referendum Bill for the people initiated vote on government's $200 million cruise berthing and port project.

McLean: 19 Dec. ‘worst possible time’ for referendum

Opposition leader Arden McLean says government’s scheduled referendum date of 19 Dec. is the “worst possible time” to hold the historic vote.

Opposition ‘concerned’ over cruise lines visit

Opposition politicians say they are “deeply concerned” by the visit of cruise line executives to the Cayman Islands to promote a $200-million project to build a new cruise berthing facility in George Town harbour.

Opposition members attend Commonwealth conference

Opposition Leader Arden McLean and MLAs Christopher Saunders and Kenneth Bryan will be attending the 44th annual conference of the Caribbean Americas and Atlantic region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, which begins 15 July in Trinidad.

Government denies interfering in cruise petition verification

Premier Alden McLaughlin has insisted government “has not and will not” interfere with the process to verify the petition calling for a referendum on the cruise port amid criticism from campaigners and opposition politicians.

Adventist Church celebrates 125th anniversary in Cayman

The local Adventist Church is celebrating its 125th anniversary in the Cayman Islands this year.

McLean calls for port negotiations to halt

Opposition leader Arden McLean has joined calls for the cruise port project to be put on hold until a petition calling for a referendum on the development has been verified.

NEW: McLean calls for port negotiations to halt

Opposition leader Arden McLean has joined calls for the cruise port project to be put on hold until a petition calling for a referendum on the development has been verified.

Email mix-up leaves opposition out in the cold

Opposition legislators missed out on an anti-corruption seminar this week because their invites were sent to the wrong email addresses.

Premier congratulates new Opposition leader

Premier Alden McLaughlin released some details Friday of a letter of congratulations he sent to the new Leader of the Opposition, Arden McLean.

‘Battle-ready’ McLean named new opposition leader

East End MLA Arden McLean was sworn in as the new Leader of the Opposition by Governor Martyn Roper on Thursday, replacing North Side MLA Ezzard Miller who resigned in early May.

Miller holds on to Opposition leadership

Ezzard Miller officially remains Leader of the Opposition, despite a letter from all four members of the political group requesting he does not speak on their behalf.

Arden McLean: ‘Cheque fees are against the law’

East End MLA Arden McLean used the debate of amendments to the Bills of Exchange Law on Tuesday to criticise the fees commonly charged by banks for handling cheques.

Legislators question delays in CCTV system upgrade

Questions have been raised over the slow pace of Cayman’s planned CCTV upgrade. So far, less than 25% of the cameras have been switched for higher definition, higher resolution models – around two years after money was allocated for the project.

Same-sex marriage: What your representative said on the issue

Cayman Islands legislators unanimously backed a private members’ motion last week supporting government to appeal the decision by the chief justice that legalised same-sex marriage to the “full extent of the appeals process”.

East End resident Ina Connor celebrates 100th birthday

Ina Victoria Connor celebrated her 100th birthday at the East End Sunrise Cottage residential home with family and friends on Friday. More than 50 people attended the birthday party, at which the East End Kitchen Band provided the music.

Opposition plans ‘alliance’ ahead of 2021 election

The coalition of independents led by Leader of the Opposition Ezzard Miller plans to form a political group that will run a candidate in every constituency at the next general election.

East End chicken farm plan denied

After approving plans in May to build an $800,000 commercial poultry farm in East End, on Wednesday the Central Planning Authority refused similar plans to build the same farm on a different piece of land – despite the new land being farther away from fresh groundwater that was at risk of being contaminated under the original plans.

Governor meets with Opposition

Cayman’s new governor, Martyn Roper, meets with members of the Opposition on Tuesday, his second day on the job.

Opposition calls for referendum on cruise project

Opposition politicians are calling for government to hold a public referendum on whether to proceed with the cruise pier project in George Town harbor.

Minister: Beach access in every district

Cayman Islands lawmakers agreed this week to set aside $10 million to purchase land, including beachfront properties and beach access pathways, for future public use.

Governor makes splash in East End

Governor Anwar Choudhury enjoyed a soaking at the Blow Holes in East End when he visited the district on Friday, April 13.

Ministers provide updates on East End development projects

Repairs and upgrades to the William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre in East End should be finished by the end of June, according to Infrastructure Minister Joey Hew.

Compass investigation: For select few, ‘no conviction’

In 2017, when nearly 6,800 criminal and traffic offenses were registered with the court, 245 offenses (a ratio of about 3.6 percent) were disposed of in the Summary Courts by way of “no conviction recorded.”

Guilty pleas in ‘sugar glider’ import case

Both defendants accused in the illegal importation of an exotic possum known as a “sugar gilder” last June pleaded guilty to some of the charges against them Thursday in Summary Court.

Grand Cayman’s trash problem continues to pile up

Residents and property owners are continuing to complain about inadequate garbage collection around Grand Cayman.

Brac road paving continues

There are no plans to bring road paving equipment back from Cayman Brac in the near future, despite concerns from legislators that the lack of similar machinery was driving up the cost of road development in Grand Cayman.

Third lawmaker backs limit on Caymanian status grants

Deputy Opposition Leader Alva Suckoo said Thursday that government should “strongly consider” limiting grants of Caymanian status only to individuals who were Caymanian by descent or who had received that status through marriage.

Cute but deadly: Sugar gliders threaten native species

When a small, cute looking, bug-eyed possum, known as a sugar glider, escaped on a Cayman Airways flight earlier this year, it sparked concerns about the potential impact of exotic pet smuggling.

Sugar glider pair bailed again

Bail was extended for the fifth time last week for a man and woman accused of smuggling an exotic pet, known as a sugar glider, into the Cayman Islands. They will find out later this month if they will face criminal charges over the incident.

Bail granted 4th time in ‘sugar glider’ case

Police have extended bail for the fourth time for the suspects involved in the alleged smuggling of an exotic pet known as a “sugar glider” into Cayman. “The suspects’ bail has been extended until Oct. 4 and no charges have been filed as yet."

56 police officers forced on leave

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has directed 56 officers to go on leave this year due to the officers accruing compensatory time far in excess of what’s allowed by RCIPS policy. By the end of last year, the 56 RCIPS personnel had accrued 51,914 hours of comp time valued at $1,166,087.
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EDITORIAL – ‘Naming names’ in the public interest

Expect more names to appear in this newspaper, not fewer. But we will never do so without extensive deliberation and, when necessary, before taking competent legal advice.

Independent legislators look to join new ‘unity’ government

The Cayman Islands new coalition government will have at least 13 members, possibly as many as 15, by the time it is sworn in Wednesday morning.

EDITORIAL – One Man, One Vote: Lessons learned from the election

Instead of making Cayman’s districts smaller, more numerous and more inward-facing, officials should have done the opposite: Make the entirety of the Cayman Islands one single district, and allow residents to vote on the same slate of candidates.

Independents’ day: Coalition government looms

A disparate group of independent candidates triumphed in Wednesday’s general election, but they did not manage to win a 10-seat majority in the Legislative Assembly.

East End residents want more police

About 100 East End district residents gave Police Commissioner Derek Byrne an earful Thursday night regarding concerns that crime is growing in the small community and their perception that police seem to be doing little about it.

Police, employment issues focus of first national debate

Police accountability and crime opened the first Cayman Islands national debate ahead of the May 24 election.

Election round-up: An alliance … of sorts

The Cayman Compass reported last month that a new political group, the “Cayman People’s Alliance” had been formed ahead of the May general election.

EE candidates kick off election debates

The three political candidates for East End, Arden McLean, John McLean Jr. and Isaac Douglas Rankine, were the first to participate in the series of pre-election forums starting Monday night and organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

Independent candidates forming pact

Some independent candidates for the May 24 General Elections are in the process of forming a Cayman People’s Alliance. The term was made public when Arden McLean referred to it during his campaign launch in East End on Wednesday night.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

Bills passed to protect beach access, regulate vendors

Legislators passed a pair of bills Tuesday to protect public access to Cayman’s beaches and regulate the activities of vendors who use the beach for their businesses.

Legislature passed wrong bill, says governor

A legislative mishap has imperiled the enactment of a law regulating nonprofit organizations in the Cayman Islands, legislation considered necessary as the government prepares for an international review of its money laundering and terrorist financing protections later this year.

Data Protection Bill revival surprises lawmakers

Another oft-debated and much-maligned proposal – the Data Protection Bill – suddenly appeared before Cayman Islands lawmakers Wednesday, in the midst of their ongoing debate over the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill. The data legislation was put before the Legislative Assembly last April and later withdrawn.

Politicians squabble over who drafted Legal Practitioners Bill

Cayman Islands politicians argued Wednesday over who penned the draft of the controversial Legal Practitioners Bill, as the clock continued to tick on the final meeting of the current parliament.

Lawmaker reveals origins of MLA ‘following’ claim

Further allegations were made Thursday regarding local law firms hiring a private company to follow two Cayman Islands legislators.

Gov’t pushes Legal Practitioners Bill forward

In a surprise move Wednesday afternoon, the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly began debate on the latest draft of the Legal Practitioners Bill.

Police ‘not able to substantiate’ MLAs’ claim they were followed

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service has not been able to substantiate claims that private investigators have been following opposition members of the Legislative Assembly.

The recent Private Member’s Motion by Mr. Arden McLean and Mr. Winston Connolly

We would argue that it would be much more constructive and beneficial for the jurisdiction for the parties involved to focus on producing a legal practitioners law that addresses all of those objectives in a balanced way than it would be for them to focus on debating and dealing with the Private Member’s Motion.

Cayman Finance defends law firms, says MLAs threaten financial sector

Cayman Finance, the primary organization representing the financial services industry in the Cayman Islands, has raised concerns that allegations from independent legislators of potentially criminal wrongdoing by the island’s law firms could do significant damage to the territory’s core industry.

EDITORIAL – Cayman Finance: A loud and clear message to Arden and Winston

A pair of elected legislators – George Town MLA Winston Connolly and East End MLA Arden McLean – have publicly accused the Cayman Islands’ largest law firms of criminality and conspiracy, and called for the prosecution of the partners of those firms.

EDITORIAL – ‘We are being followed’: MLAs must give evidence for bizarre claims

A small group of Cayman Islands lawmakers have broadcast allegations that local law firms have hired private investigators to follow them because of their opposition to the Legal Practitioners Bill, which is now under consideration in the Legislative Assembly.

EDITORIAL – The reckless rhetoric of Arden and Winston’s private members’ motion

Clad in the mantle of protectionism of Caymanians, the private members’ motion by MLAs Arden McLean and Winston Connolly accuses our country’s largest law firms of conspiracy and criminality. It is a broadside assault on the financial services sector, economy and community of the Cayman Islands.

MLAs urge prosecution of partners of Cayman’s major law firms

Unnamed Cayman Islands law firms are accused of “intentionally ignoring and deliberately circumventing” both the Legal Practitioners Law and Immigration Law, in a private members’ motion filed with the Legislative Assembly.

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